night city skyline led wall lamp

by:Merttace     2019-11-29
This note describes how I can build decorative wall lights.
The idea is a city skyline at night with some bright windows in the building.
The light is achieved with a translucent blue plexiglass panel and the building is made of black silouhettes.
The light comes from 108 \"windows\" which are lit by LEDs fixed in the panel holes.
The lamp is powered by a 12 v battery or power supply. -
Translucent blue plexiglass panel 50 cm x 22 cm (~ 20” x 9”), 3 mm (0. 12”)thick-
50 cm x 22 cm white plexiglass panel (~ 20” x 9”), 3 mm (0. 12”)thick-
2 M aluminum channel 15mm x 10mm x 1mm (~ 0. 6” x 0. 4” x 0. 04”)-Black paint-Adhesive paper-
7mm (plastic gasket0. 275”)thick-
6 x M3 x 12 counterhead bolts-
108 White 3mm led3 NUD4001-3 x 2. 2 ohm resistance-wire-switch-
12 V power tools or power tools :-Drill-2. 5 mm drill bit-M3 tap-countersink-soldering iron-
Metal sawI mainly determines the number of windows lit based on the electrical properties of the LEDs and current drivers I use.
The Led is 3mm white led and works with 3.
3 v, the maximum absorption is about 0. 025 A.
To have a steady current, I used the 3 current LED driver nud4001.
I connect LEDs in 3 groups in series, each of 3 NUD4001 is connected in parallel to 12 groups, a total of 3*12*3 = 108 LEDs, see electrical below
Follow the detailed instructions contained in the NUD4001 data sheet (
I calculated the electrical value of my circuit (
For each of the 3 NUDS).
The data sheet of NUD4001 recommends a total power consumption of less than 1.
13 W, heat dissipation based on SO-
8 boxes and mat sizes :-
Led current: I)
The last step to complete the LED light is to install a second plexiglass panel on the back to protect all the circuits.
Between the two panels, I put 6 shims and set aside enough space for all the internal components, and I realized that there was a frame that would keep all the components together.
I made the spacers with the scrap plexiglass pieces I laid and put 1 piece 3mm thick and 1 piece 4mm thick together.
I realized the frame from 4 aluminum channels, as long as the sides of the panel, the two ends are at 45 °.
The width inside the channel is 13mm (~ 0. 5”)
So I made the 7mm thick gasket (
13mm-2x3mm for plexiglass panels).
I then glued the gasket on the front panel together, 2 for each long side, 1 for the short side, and then put the rear panel down.
As the side of the frame is in place, I made 6 holes with a diameter of 2, mm from the back at the interval position.
Since I want the front of the frame to be clean, there is no hole, so when the hole is about 5-
6mm deep, then I removed the aluminum channel and completed the hole all the way through the organic glass plate and spacers.
Then I threaded holes with M3 faucet.
I also widened and expanded the holes on the back of the bolt head aluminum channel.
On the left channel, I made a hole in the side of the power cord.
Finally, I assembled all the panels with the gasket and aluminum channel and tightened the bolts.
The bolts are 12mm long, so they pass through the back panel, the gasket and part of the front panel, but do not reach the front of the frame channel.
After assembling the LED light, I connect the switch to the power cord and the 12 v battery and turn on the light.
Finally, I\'m pretty happy with my work, although the light emitted by the LEDs is a bit too much, especially directly in the front (
They have a narrow cone of light, so they don\'t look very bright when they see it horizontally).
If I do not misunderstand the NUD4001 datasheet, the brightness of the led may be reduced, replacing the 2,2 ohm resistor with a higher resistor, but now I will keep the lamp as it is.
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