New on the street: Tamarack opens eight models at Cardinal Creek Village

by:Merttace     2019-11-22
The Pearl of the East \"-
Tamarack hom is proud of its huge, master planned community of Cardinal Creek Village --
Now sparkling brighter.
This is because the first model home of the builder
Four single/bungalow and four towns-
It has been opened to allow buyers to see inside in the life of Cardinal Creek.
The project covers an area of 450 acres overlooking the Ottawa River south of Highway 174 and will eventually accommodate about 3,000 families.
There are 103 houses in the first phase, of which 85 have been sold at the time of writing this report.
Check-in is scheduled to begin on May 19.
\"It\'s been a long time and we\'re really excited,\" Tamarack vice-
President Scott Parks says a project has been around for nearly a decade.
\"There is no model family, and the new home site is different.
This is the last jigsaw puzzle of the company\'s largest website in history.
\"The first phase of the site has bungalows (single, semi-single)
Independence and town), single
Half family homedetached two-
Residential and town floors.
In other words, this is for everyone.
Single in 38-, 45-and 50-
Lots of walk, bungalow 45footers.
Prices range from $328,900 in town to $469,900 for singles.
Across the street from the model house, the first park developed is nearing completion, a colorful game structure that awaits the arrival of nearby children.
Cardinal Creek plans schools, roads to nearby parks and rides, and business districts that feel like villages in the city.
The same is true for direct access to Highway 174.
Maintaining existing natural features is key to development, and buyers can get a package of awareness from homeowners, from using native plant species to protecting water resources.
Transitional decor including asolid wood, country/contemporary table in formal dining room and warm terracotta warriors
Color accents on the walls of the building, the only largest Cardinal Creek clock in the 3,572 square foot month-foot lot.
\"It\'s a very popular home for us,\" said Noella Francoeur, four sales reps.
Bedroom in Bradbury
Starting at $631,900, singles include a separate home and living room (with floor-to-ceiling windows between the latter and the dining room), an open planto-the-
Basement stairs and second
Can be converted into a floor loft in the fifth bedroom.
From the spacious covered porch connecting the home and the street to the vaulted ceiling of the large room/dining room, two
The bedroom, Quail, is surprisingly spacious in an area of 1,581 square feet.
The model features an upgraded waterfall Granite Island in the kitchen, smooth black-and-
The study at the front entrance has glass furniture, and the large room has fashionable floor lamps.
The optional walnut flooring enhances the elegance of the main living area.
Like everything in Cardinal Creek Village, this home is an Energy Star, including three
Hot water system with windows and no water tank.
Starting price: $498,900. A cheery avian-
The themed chairs and cushions in the living room (including stylishly Cardinals) help bring the outdoors into the room, which Francoeur calls \"our most popular model in small towns \".
The 1,833-square-foot Eton school starts at $328,900.
This model shows the big ceramics at home.
Tile entrance and granite kitchen countertop, 9-
Foot ceiling on the main floor and standard finished lounge in Cardinal Creek village.
Also standard in town: oak surround and mantel with gas fireplace and matching oak staircase.
There are four options on the second floor: there is a deep soaking tub in the suite.
Cambridge is a terminal unit with an oversized garage that is very bright, \"People come in and think it\'s a single garage,\" said Francoeur . \".
She was right, partly because the second window had three windows that were cleverly placed
Floor stairwell, in the model, a pair of large and light-
Mirror in the restaurant.
The sparkling upgraded quartz falls island in the kitchen also adds luster.
The master bedroom has a cave walk-
In the Closet (remember, you\'re in a town), there\'s also an ensuite with upgraded sinks for him and her.
There was a cheerful orange in the other bedroom.
Starting at $369,900 at 2,109 square feet.
Oxford, 3,023-classic decorsquare-foot single;
Hartland a 2,646square-
38-foot list onfoot lot; the 2,121-square-
Walking Hudson town and male decoration scheme; and the 1,833-square-
In the town of foot Fox Croft, the living room has a sunken tile entrance and a corner gas fireplace.
Cardinal Creek Village is a fast commute from the sugar jungle of the Proulx family to the farms in the east and south (their yellow corn is fantastic ). Also nearby: J. A.
The LaPorte flower nursery and the year-round delightful Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, a reconstructed village of 1920 and 30 years old, covering an area of 100 acres with costume translations. Food take-
Takeaway recommendation: My favorite Chinese food, St.
Joseph Avenue
The overall planning community of 3,000 energy star single town;
103 first-stage families including singles on the 38 th, 45-and 50-
Women\'s shoes from the foot-and-palm home range from $469,900 to 2,220 square feet.
Los Angeles family LA Port Boulevard $1,833 square feet $417 town, 1 to 8 p from Monday to Thursdaym. ;
Weekends and holidays, from noon to 5m. Closed Fridays. 613-830-8467;
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