Mosaic Glass Light

by:Merttace     2020-04-25
It all started with glass.
I found the scrap glass for sale at Yahoo Japan auction. I bought 4 kg (8. 8 pounds)for about $50. . . YES!
Glass is a mix of stained glass, Ocean glass, beach glass and broken decorative glass.
It is mixed in a bag so I need to separate it (
Let my daughter do it)
In the end, most of what I get is red, blue, Pearl and yellow, as well as some black, green and transparent.
I was too tired after separating all this (
100% my daughter)TIPS:-
The glass is sharp so be careful
This can be done on plastic, but in Japan the flat glass is cheaper. -
The bigger the glass/plastic, the thicker it should be. -
Figure out where you want to hang this and decide the size. -
Be careful to hang heavy objects from the ceiling!
Before hanging this bad boy, I need to increase the support of the beam.
The frame is a solid box that can hold the weight of the glass.
I made a big chunky frame with scrap wood and cut it into perfect frame with a piece of glass.
The frame has a glass on the top lip, and the wood is screwed behind it to securely secure in the proper position, like a photo or mirror. TIPS:-
You can buy a heavy frame instead of building it yourself.
Just make sure there is enough space behind the glass to accommodate the lights. -
You can buy a large mirror, remove the silver backing and replace it with it.
This is the finished frame after several layers of Jacobean Briwax.
The glass is inside. it\'s safe!
It\'s time to stick your mosaic down.
I do it with my bare hands.
I\'m going to lay out every piece of glass first, but it\'s easier for me.
I got my design ideas from two stained glass pendants already hanging in my house.
These are the photos later. Not free.
Hand it to you, you can first put out your entire design layout, track and take pictures with whiteboard markers.
You can also lay out the design first and then pass through with glue without removing the glass sheet from the window.
I use the \"everything\" super glue of Japanese local brands.
The bottle says it can stick anything to anything.
I can\'t recommend glue, but anything that glue the glass to the glass should work fine. TIPS:-
Make sure the glass is stuck below in a way that is not covered with mud. -
Apply glue to the window first, then put the glass on it.
I first applied the glue to the glass pieces and then put them down, but then it made a mess for me.
The top of the stained glass has a Glue string that needs to be scraped off. -
Wear gloves when using super glue.
* I don\'t wear gloves in this photo because I \'ve glued everything. . . or so I say. . -
Work fast with super glue
As close as possible to the glass fragments, but leave room for grouting.
Let the glue dry and then check each piece.
I was very careful and missed some of the smaller ones.
Make sure the glue is dry before grouting.
When you wait for the glue to dry, you can clean up your work area and get ready for the grouting work.
For this, I used black mud from a Japanese local brand.
I can\'t recommend a brand, but any black mud should work well.
I put on my gloves and pushed the mud into all the cracks.
So give yourself enough time. TIPS:-
Keep cleaning supplies nearby, such as a bucket of water, a sponge and a towel. -
The grouting is dry very quickly, so mix when you go.
All covered!
I\'m wiz from grout but found it challenging!
It was an uneven surface that threw me away.
After starting to harden at 20-20, you can start to wipe your grout with a sponge30 minutes.
Check if your mud has a direction.
This is the hardest part!
Uneven surfaces make it challenging for me to sponge from mud without removing too much mud.
It took a lot of time, and I even thought at one point that I would never see the glass again.
Just give it time. TIPS:-
Use a large bucket and a sponge to fill in the sponge. -
If you can, put the clean water in the drain outside.
There will be a lot! -Take your time.
After the sponge, I let the mud dry completely before cleaning the glass.
All the residue you see on the glass is glue and mud dust.
I scraped it off with elbow grease and polished it well with a kitchen sponge and glass polish. TIPS:-
Use a micro flat scraper or razor to clear the deposit on the glass. -
Be careful not to cut in the mud. -
Precise positioning cleaning with mini metal picks
Cut the kitchen sponge into pinch size to polish the glass.
Pat the glass polish on the sponge and polish it using circular motion.
Check each piece of glass carefully.
Make sure everything is free.
The mud didn\'t look dark enough so I stained it with black tube water paint.
You can do it completely!
The mud will drink in this color and it will wipe the glass effortlessly.
I bought a small bottle of watercolor paint and mixed it in paper cups with a little bit of water.
Until you get the color you want.
You don\'t have to wipe the glass anymore.
Some sea glass spots are too transparent, so I added a frosted contact paper behind the lights.
Contact paper: 1.
Cut the contact paper into a perfect fit.
The contact paper is basically just a big sticker. 2.
Mix a drop of soap into a spray bottle full of water. 3.
Atomize the entire window before pasting the sticker.
The water mixture allows you to move the stickers around. 4.
Squeeze out water and bubbles. 5.
The more the sticker will start to stick until it is completely glued together. You can add lights behind the mosaic glass or around the frame.
I wanted to hang mine on the ceiling so I made a light box.
My mosaic glass frame slides right onto this light box, which is fixed to the ceiling.
The mosaic glass lamp is screwed into it from the side of the light box at eight and fixed to the ceiling. TIPS:-
Make this guy tough!
I used a warm white LED light strip to illuminate my mosaic glass.
You can really use whatever you want. -
Christmas lightsLight bulbs-
Natural lighting does not involve any wiring details, but is always very careful in terms of power. TIPS:-
Watch out for electricity! ! -
Be careful to hang anything from the ceiling!
This is the light I finished on the ceiling and this stained glass pendant is my design inspiration.
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