mornington peninsula winery up for sale

by:Merttace     2020-05-18
Ian Leslie is selling his Sydney resort to see WA at the kitchen160 Harrisons Rd in Red Hill as a dream home at a picturesque winery.
Source: subpplieda slices of Mornington Peninsula wine country have been on the market, attracting buyers who taste pinot noir wines and $3. 5 million-plus budget.
The grape planters Dream in Red Hill joins a huge new Canterbury family and the modern Malvin Victorian era on this week\'s wish list.
160 Harris Road, Red Hill House at 160 Harris Road, Red Hill, with beautiful views over the vines.
Source: This picturesque peninsula winery is selling the dream home and lifestyle of SuppliedA. The 3.
78 hectares property at 160 Harris Road, Red Hill owns Martha\'s Bay vineyard and will be sold on lease by April 2017.
The original cellar door is now an additional stay at 160 Harris Road, Hongshan.
Source: The supply house is perched on the lines of blackbino and greybino grapes, which can extend to the sweeping view of Port Phillip.
North wall in main living area-
Facing the window, capturing the panoramic view and filling the space with light.
There are $3 at 160 Harris Road, Hongshan. 5 million-
Plus the asking price.
Source: warm wood tones are available throughout the home, including polished floors and aging wooden towers.
The original cellar door is now from
Accommodation is included and there is a separate two-
A bedroom cottage hidden in a lush courtyard.
RT Edgar in Flinders is selling the property for $3. 5 million-
Plus the asking price.
The 43 Wentworth Avenue in Canterbury is expected to sell for about $5. 5 million.
Source: supplier space is not an object in this new province
Fashion home at 43 Wentworth Avenue, Canterbury.
The hotel provides facilities such as an indoor pool and a sauna.
There are seven bedrooms-
The seven bathrooms and multiple living areas provide spacious spaces to unfold on robes.
The indoor pool is a highlight of 43 Wentworth Avenue, Canterbury.
Source: subpliedrich wood floor, detailed plasterboard and crystal chandelier is an elegant touch to the ground
Floor lounge and family area.
The kitchen features a marble finish, Miele appliances and butler\'s pantry, overlooking the BBQ terrace and pool.
There are seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms at 43 Wentworth Avenue, Canterbury.
Source: There are five bedrooms upstairs, one study and one bedroom, including the spacious master bedroom with walk
Through robes and stylish black and white suites.
The Fletcher couple in Canterbury are selling the property for about $5. 5 million. 1010-
1012 Malvin Road, Armadale1010-
1012 Malvin Road, Armadale combines historical charm and modern updates.
Source: supplier located behind the big facade of Victorian residence, tel: 1010-
1012 Malvin Road, Armadale is a surprisingly modern interior design.
The open fireplace and high ceilings decorated with roses still retain the details of the period, but the chic pendant lighting and the lame floor add a fresh feel.
Striking kitchen with luxury accessories in 1010-
1012 Malvin Road, Armadale.
Source: The kitchen connects the formal living space to the sunny family area, which leads to the terrace and pool.
The spacious kitchen features striking patterned floor tiles with black and wood cabinets. 1010-
Armadale Malvern Rd 1012 is expected to sell for more than $3. 8 million.
Source: There are four bedrooms upstairs, two bathrooms and a children\'s lounge.
Marshall White of Armadale will auction the house on June 20.
The price is expected to exceed $3. 8 million. 1010-
1012 Malvin Road, Armadale features modern fixtures and time slot details.
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