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by:Merttace     2020-04-11
When CBC News meteorologist Natasha Ramsahai got engaged with her husband, truck driver Michael Whing, they started looking for an affordable --
Bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto.
They found what they wanted in a light red brick, 16-
Multi-storey building in Kings West Village-moved there in October 2004.
Last year, the couple, eager for more space, began looking for
Bedroom apartment in the city center.
Before deciding to stay in the same building, they checked a dozen places-High quality upgrades for the standard price chosen by the builder and the love for the neighbors impressed them.
But there\'s a problem-no two --
Bedroom unit for sale.
\"First of all, we sold a bedroom on the fifth floor,\" said Ramsahai . \".
\"We want two.
We were very nervous in the bedroom because we had no place to go so we had to move back with our parents.
We were about six to eight weeks into moving out-and finally, the car went public. \"It is a 1,010-square-foot, two-
\"Bedroom, corner penthouse unit,\" says a Scarborough native . \".
We moved in October of 2006.
It\'s a little bit more than what we want to pay for, but now that we\'re in, it\'s our space and it\'s totally worth it-the Western view is worth it.
\"There is a small foyer with white walls at the entrance of the apartment.
The right side of the corridor is blue.
Gray is a laundry room with an open plan in the back.
The concept kitchen is on the right, the dining room at the back and the living room on the left.
The walls and corridors of the living space are the same.
There are two charcoal-gray walls in the restaurant.
There are chocolate-colored furniture in the kitchen.
The countertops are black and gray spotted granite.
Outside the dining room should be a guest room with an ensuite and now the master bedroom.
It is painted white with a characteristic wall of chocolate brown.
There\'s a queen-
Large bed with dark brown base and baby blue suede headboard with navy and gray checkered bedding.
The two tables and wardrobes are cherry wood and will eventually be replaced.
The walls of the bathroom are also white with chocolate brown tile floors and deep soaking tubs.
The bathroom has two exits: one leads to the bedroom and the other leads to the corridor, which they block with a huge mirror.
The left side of the hallway is the former master bedroom, now the office/study, painted white.
The suite in this room is very large with a chocolate brown Metro tile floor and white walls.
To be consistent with the chocolate brown theme, the entire floor has the same dark reinforced floor.
\"If you buy an apartment for the second time
Hand, which means that you are not the first owner, make sure that the finish is as close as possible to what you will choose.
We went into many departments and thought we could make a change, but I\'m glad we didn\'t have.
We were lucky that the taste of the former owner was almost the same as what we chose in the first unit, \"said Ramsahai, who made predictions on news world and CBC Television.
Outside the study is a concrete balcony facing north.
\"The balcony will be big,\" she said . \"
\"It doesn\'t sound like a big deal, but I hope it\'s an extension of the living space.
I want floors, benches and benches.
\"Floor in the living room-to-
Ramsahai\'s own ceiling windows with white roller shades and chocolate brown panels.
There\'s an off on the floor-
Carpet in abstract areas of white, chocolate brown, baby blue and beige.
There\'s an off-
At UpCountry, a white super suede chair was selected from a spacious homecoloured three-in-
A sofa with storage space underneath to make a bed by folding the back.
Other furniture includes rectangular black leather benches used as coffee tables.
Dark brown, three.
There is a glass-topped wooden console with legs on the Deble furniture against the wall, a low chocolate brown bench supporting their 42-inch TV.
The lighting is provided by stainless steel arc floor lamp.
At present, only the couple\'s wedding photos are hung on the wall, framed in contemporary silver metal.
Ramsahai says she wants to take the time to buy artwork and decorative pieces that are not on a large scale
She can consider the quality of the future.
\"My favorite room is the living room because there is a view.
I look West-you see a little lake and wind turbines at the exhibition, which is amazing for me as a meteorologist.
Every morning when I wake up, this is the first thing I see.
\"I sat in the living room for coffee to see if it fits my forecast the night before,\" she admits with a smile . \".
One of the things she will never give up is her dining table with brushed silver finish metal base and frosted glass top with expandable leaves, which was also purchased at Roomy.
It also extends vertically from the coffee table to the table.
In their previous apartment, this functional table suitable for small spaces is more used as a coffee table and is now dedicated to catering.
Surrounded by four chocolate brown wood chairs and cream
The colored buffering device that Ramsahai rescued from her sister, who was going to throw them away.
The couple thought it was convenient.
In addition to some paint, they replaced some wall closet doors and pulled out the builder\'s wire rack to install the wall closet racks, drawers and small room holes purchased by Ikea, which they configured themselves.
In their first unit, they hired a designer to transform the closet and spent thousands of dollars.
This time I did it myself and saved them a lot of money.
\"If we really start to expand our family, we will need another room,\" she said.
\"It\'s hard to find three.
We would like to stay in the bedroom apartment unit in the city center;
We are determined not to move back to the suburbs where we were born and raised.
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