modern dimmer switches help save energy

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The dimmer switch that can be used to control the brightness of floor lamps, desk lamps or permanently installed lighting equipment in the home has been in existence for many years, but due to the increasing interest in energy conservation, they have become more popular in the past few years than ever before and have reduced the steadily increasing electricity bill.
In addition to reducing energy consumption (
By reducing the wattage consumed by the lamps for most of the time in use)
The dimmer also helps to extend the life of the bulb, thus saving the cost of replacement.
Although the dimmer switch is widely used in hardware stores, department stores and electrical appliances, many people are still not familiar with different styles and types of household dimmers in the market, many people don\'t realize how easy it is to add dimmer switches to existing fixtures or other lighting devices.
All light dimmers sold for home or apartment are very compact solid state devices that control the current flow through them when the knobs or wheels turn (
Or in a few cases, when the sliding handle moves).
As the current decreases, the power decreases, thus reducing the amount of light emitted by the bulb it controls.
Dimmers are usually installed in the position of an existing switch so that in addition to controlling the level of light, they can also be used to turn it off or on all the way.
The first dimmer switch is a wall-mounted device used to control ceiling and wall fixtures or sockets for permanent installation, which is still the most widely sold type.
It is installed in the same way as the traditional toggle or button wall switch in the standard wall socket or outlet box.
The advertisement switches from the standard switch to the dimmer switch, first turning off the power supply of the circuit by pulling the fuse or throwing the circuit breaker, and then removing the switch board.
Next, remove the two screws that hold the old switch in place, then pull the switch out of the socket box, thus removing the old switch.
The advertisement disconnects the wire leading to this switch (
Don\'t disturb any other wires in the box)
Then reconnect them to the terminals on the new dimmer, or to the two leads on the dimmer (
In the latter case, use \"wire nut \").
The rated power of the Walltype dimmer switch is usually 600 W max, so when it is used to control the wall socket, it is important to be careful, because many lamps with a total wattage of more than this can be inserted (
Heavier models can be provided if needed).
Most of them are for incandescent lamps only, but in recent years, special fluorescent dimmers can also be used for quick start-up devices.
All wall-mounted dimmer switches provide unlimited control of light brightness from full on to full off, but some (
Called rotary switch)
They must go through the lowest level all the way to completely close them. The others (
Prices are usually higher)
Added a push and pull function
That is, in any position of the knob, the light can be turned off by pressing the knob, and then the light can be turned on by pulling out the knob.
This allows on-off control every time without interfering with the predetermined brightness.
Except for conventional single rods (one‐way)
The bipolar switch and dimmer can also replace the three-way switch (
Control a light from two different places).
Some newer dimmers also light the knob, simplifying the process of locating the switch in the dark.
The price of the wall dimmer usually ranges from about $4 for the lowest-priced carousel to about $7 or $8 for the push-pull model.
To provide convenience for those who cannot install wall switches, or those who are hesitant to do such wiring work (
Or pay for the Electrician)
In recent years, manufacturers have also introduced several other dimmer control devices.
The simplest one for a desk lamp or floor lamp is the plug-in desktop dimmer.
This is a portable device that plugs into a wall socket, after which the light is inserted into the socket on the wire.
As long as the switch of the lamp remains on, the dimmer switch controls the lamp and provides an unlimited range of brightness.
It is placed on a table top or shelf where it is easily accessible and can be moved as needed.
Prices range from $8 to $12.
Another way to control the solar lights, swag lights and other fixtures with exposed wires is to install a simple in-line dimmer.
These compact devices are directly connected to wires or wires from plugs to lamps or lamps.
They provide simple instructions for the installation
Only a few minutes of work-
There is a rotating wheel or a sliding handle to fully control the level of light.
Prices range from $5 to $8.
The easiest way to provide dimming control for lamps or lighting devices with traditional brass lamp sockets and their own switches is to replace existing socket switches with a special type of socket.
Similar to the traditional brass lamp socket, it has a larger knob than the normal knob, which can be infinitely controlled from full on to full off.
The threaded holes at the bottom of these sockets are the same size as the traditional lamp sock et, so it can easily replace the existing lamp sock et.
Most bulbs are designed for bulbs up to 150 watts for about $6 or $7.
Although all dimmers described above are full range dimmers-
That is, they provide an infinite range from full shut down to full open
There are also many less expensive versions that offer only three settings: high, low and off.
This type of wall switch can be installed either with a knob or switch or in a standard wall box with two-position lighting.
A direct plug-in switch with the same three settings (high, low and off) is also provided.
■ A version of this file was printed on page D49 of The New York edition on April 24, 1977, with the title: The modern dimmer switch helps to save energy.
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