Model suite brimming with ideas for any small space

by:Merttace     2020-04-24
Elegant and stylish as Gucci bag, 750-sq. -ft.
The model suite of the new love apartment is full of ideas for any small space.
Designer, Paul Davis from Tanna
Mountain, willing to eat.
Every space should be more. task.
In a small space, you need to squeeze out every function as much as possible.
Because the study is inside the front door, it is a perfect place for the Home Office, especially for folding
Desk and storageheavy shelving.
But it can also double the room-
Or as a TV and gaming resort
Thanks to the comfortable sofa bed.
So is the living/dining area.
Segmented sofa-
One end without arms
Perfect for snoozing, comfortable for two people, but enough for three people.
The curved Ottoman tuc sits next to it;
But it is not connected so it offers another seat.
More seats are equipped with a retro chair and two chrome stools, which can be used as a coffee table.
Pull chairs from the dining area if you are really crowded.
Alternatively, the dining table can be placed in the study room, leaving a space for a huge living room.
Consider functions in order of importance.
In any small apartment, Davis says, it is vital to have an \"oasis of Night.
So the importance of the bedroom is growing.
It\'s important to have a queen.
For this reason, you need to have enough floor space to accommodate it and still leave the feeling of being spacious.
Here, Davis chose a bed with storage under the bed and the last table attached to the wall to make some floor space.
The living room is equally important for entertaining friends.
In fact, Davis thinks it \"beats\" The dining space.
Fortunately, the dining area occupies a small space, because the suites are wider than usual and the round tables occupy less space.
You can always get an expanded table when you need it.
The location of the study is next to the full second bathroom with a glass shower, which means it can be easily separated from the frosted bathroom
Glass sliding door
Even drywall-
Building a second bedroom, Davis said.
Less is more.
Reduce confusion by having fewer and larger pieces. The large 4-by-
The artwork on the restaurant console is definitely a claim.
There are two framed stone prints on the sofa next to it that help define the living space.
There are only two pieces of furniture in the living room: a sturdy sofa with an arm-less end, which helps the eyes move freely in the room.
The kitchen is an effective U-
Don\'t scribble shapes on storage or devices.
Davis chose to put the stove on one side to provide more counter space instead of putting the stove on the bottom of U.
Color harmony.
Only one color
In this case, Orange
The operation of the entire suite makes it feel like a continuous space, Davis said.
He chose orange as the source of neutral substances: gray walls and warm walnut.
Orange also gives space life and energy.
The trick to using this color, he says, is to make sure \"on the Brown side, it\'s a warm, spicy tone, away from the yellow color --
The red range can be more harsh.
Considering the orange \"line\" running through the entire suite, there is a layer on the fabric, and it is good to mix it a little in terms of textiles.
\"Look at the study and the living room as an area,\" Davis said . \".
\"Then the larger prints are balanced with smaller prints and solids.
Your goal is a constant flow, but a visual interest, so everything is balanced as you sit around the table or sofa and look around.
However, there is a big difference in the textile between the rooms.
The sofa bed is decorated in a popular graphic fabric, light orange and white, with vivid orange leather tables and chairs next to it.
The Orange in the kitchen is a small decoration.
A few bottles of orange soda, a napkin.
In the dining area, the table was covered with rust-
Color dishes, in opposition to the energy explosion of red and orange in the artwork. The custom-
The sofa in the living room is made of an orange tweed cushion with a cushion of plaid cotton and dark orange wool.
The carpet is also custom made and is a thick, uneven weave.
The two chrome-plated stools feature another material that is both modern and bright.
In the bedroom, the smooth oyster gray sheets are tight with the cover of the Nibby cotton orange matron.
Because apartment suites have a lot less space, it doesn\'t look like much money spent on quality.
For example, the second bathroom has exquisite bamboo
Tiles, striped rust and silver wallpaper-
Read the big little touch.
The equipment is Kohler, the kitchen is frendel, and the rich accessories are tasteful, making this suite feel at home.
Although the bedroom is redundant on the furniture, it has enough accessories: a large piece of artwork on one wall, two blackand-
White print on the bed, chrome light in linen tone, soft carpet.
Even the suite has a piece of art.
In the living room and dining room, a variety of unusual pillows, elegant vases, clean modern station lights and table lamps read good quality without excessive use.
The price of this Scarborough Community is suitable for those who have just entered the market. A one-
Bedroom suite, less than 500 square feet. ft.
Starting at $200.
Model suites are available at Unit G, Kennedy Road, northwest corner of Kennedy and Sheppard, 2330, next to shopper\'s pharmacy).
The number is 416-491-
5683 or Internet access to www.
Apartment. com.
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