middle east luxury hotels: 6 that take opulence to new level

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As Oscar Wilder said, there is nothing more successful than the excess.
These luxury hotels in the Middle East keep this message in mind and bring together some of the most extravagant experiences your money may not be able to buy.
You can check out even if you can\'t check in. 1.
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi and UAE are more like palaces than hotels.
Endless riches of the Emirates Palace--
A huge stove.
The ornate palace includes 114 decorative domes and 1,001 crystal chandeliers
Cleaning time
From wing to wing covered with marble and gold-a 1,100-yard (one-kilometer)
Walk by yourself--
The $3 billion Hotel takes advantage of every opportunity to bring luxury information home, whether it\'s a gold bar vending machine, edible golden dessert, or a value of 958 at its hakkktuk restaurant
In 2010, the hotel built the most expensive gem in the world --
A Christmas tree worth $11 million.
Abu Dhabi West Road, UAE;
971 690 90002.
The Burj Al Hotel is the third tallest Hotel in the world and is located in Dubai, UAE.
Patrick baz/AFP/Getty ImagesA staff guarded the suspension bridge to Jumeirah Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai\'s most iconic hotel with a clipboard
Hotel taxi\'s Royce phantom pass, the ratio of staff to guests is 8: 1, 2, $700 purchased the scenic aerial arrival on the rooftop helipad.
Visitors can take a yellow submarine to the underwater depths of the Al Mahara restaurant and splurge $675 on one. 75 ounces (50 grams)
Beluga caviar in front of the sky
A $1,300 Bon Fire cocktail with premium night hat and bill.
Burj Al Arab Emirates, Dubai;
971 4 301 7777 Dubai Sky: 12 restaurants with great view.
BEIRUT, Lebanon, Beirut: The largest and most fashionable boutique hotel.
Courtesy Le Gray, BeirutOwner and collector Gordon Campbell Gray have filled one of Beirut\'s most luxurious buildings, including sweets, with over 500 select pieces of artwork --
Baby elephant sculpture in Nadim Karam.
Le Gray is also home to Lebanon designer Elie Saab\'s favorite Bar, Bar sixty, with panoramic city views and blue painted baby grand as its quirky heart.
Martyrs Square, central Beirut, Lebanon;
961 971 1114.
Jeddah Qasr Al Sharq, Saudi Arabia crystal--
Count a number.
The courtesy of Qas al sharqCarpet is so thick that you need skis to browse the corridors and rooms of imported marble
The suite pays tribute to everything in Italy at Qasr Al Sharq.
Ceiling sports 132 pounds (60 kilos)of gold leaf.
On the main staircase is a chandelier with 600,000 Swarovski crystals.
Recommended: signature dish at Mataam Al Sharq restaurant, Grilled fig bird with pomegranate sauce.
Northern Jeddah road, Saudi Arabia; +966-92000-
New hotel in the Middle East king5.
The arbustan Palace hotel Muscat Oman has a lot of places to see by the pool in arbustan.
The albstein Palace, the region\'s palatial wealthy grandfather, has ruled the coastline of the Gulf of Oman for nearly three decades.
Traditionally, the attired Oman doorman welcomed the guests with one hand and casually placed it on a curved silver dagger hidden on his belt, looking at 124-foot-high (38 meter)
Octagonal Hall with mahogany, motherof-
Pearls, golden leaves and giant threeton, 59-foot-high (18 meter)
Bohemian crystal chandelier
Royal observers may occasionally see Sultan Qaboos, who reportedly keeps a full floor for personal use.
Other recreational amenities include lagoons
Facing guest room with private terracemile-
Plus the longest beach in Oman.
Muscat Bustan Street, Oman;
968 2479 96666.
Madan Palace, Antalya, Turkey OK, so technically the Madan Palace is not in the Middle East as we describe it, but due to the most gorgeous excavations in the Turkish Riviera, it is on our list.
Largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean--
About 172,000 square feet (
Guests can take a chance or choose gold plated-
Changed to coronation cable car.
The fantasy atmosphere of Michael Jackson continues.
Esque zoo and dedicated spa snow room plus living-
Every corner has large and small knockoffs and private beaches made of 9,000 tons of imported Egyptian sand.
Spa time in this hotel means shrinking
Package Vacustyler gym (
NASA astronaut\'s favorite cycle booster)
Champagne bath and massage for $700.
Antalya, Turkey, Laura 07110, auterle mufke quindu Kuy;
90 242 310 410020 the world around the most beautiful presidential suite in Europe-and their eye-
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It was reformatted, updated, and rereleased on 2017.
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