middle east department store chain dumps trump products

by:Merttace     2020-04-30
DUBAI (Reuters)-U. S.
Anti-presidential candidate Donald Trump
On Wednesday, Muslim comments left him out of business in the Middle East, with a large department store chain stopping sales of his dazzling \"Trump House\" collection of lamps, mirrors and jewelry boxes.
The real estate tycoon and reality TV star now earn most of their income from licensing his name on golf courses, luxury development and retailer items, rather than owning a building.
On Monday, in the next November presidential election, Trump, who led the Republican presidential race, called for a ban on Muslims from entering the United States, in comments widely denied by other countries in the United States. S. politicians.
Trump household items such as \"antique brass crystal drop desk lamp\" and decorative boxes with \"brilliant feathers of Peacock. . .
Redecorated in gold finish for exclusive look \"for sale at Lifestyle department stores in the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
But the parent company milestone in the chain, which is one of the largest retail groups in the region, has 190 stores in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, saying it is the shelf for its tipple goods.
\"Given the recent statement by the presidential candidate in the United StatesS.
In the media, we have suspended sales of all products in the Trump Home Decoration series, \"CEO Gavin Mundhwa said in an email statement.
The group did not give any details about the value of the contract.
Although there has been no immediate announcement so far from other business partners to break with Trump, others have made it clear that they are upset about using his brand in the Middle East, in recent years, he has been actively expanding his business, focusing mainly on the Dubai Gulf business center.
In the largest regional partnership to date, his Trump Organization is working with Dubai
Real estate giant DAMAC Properties will build two golf clubs
Including a course designed by Tiger Woods
And a closed island community outside the city.
DAMAC development\'s 42 million square foot AKOYA will include Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, Trump PRVT mansions and villas, and Trump Spa health center, worth about $6 billion.
DAMAC made a distinction between the commercial and political interests of its partners, but declined to make it clear whether the partnership was being reconsidered.
\"What we want to emphasize is that our agreement with the Trump Organization is one of the world\'s top golf course operators,\" said Neil McLoughlin, senior vice president for communications at Damak, said in a statement.
\"Therefore, we will not Mr.
Trump\'s personal or political agenda has not commented on the political debate scene within the United States.
Dubai\'s Al Tayer Group, which claims to be the largest luxury retailer in the Middle East, opened two showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in June to sell \"Dolia Trump House\" furniture produced by a company that authorizes Trump\'s name.
In a statement to the regional news site Arab business, Al Tayer said Trump\'s comments were \"unfortunate\" but could not be reached to comment on whether he would continue to sell his products.
Trump has long regarded the Middle East as the main growth market for his business.
His daughter Ivanka, executive vice president of development and acquisition at Trump, told Middle East hotel operators in May that the company is looking for \"many very compelling deals\" in the region \".
Dubai is a \"top priority\" for the company, she said, and the company is also considering investments in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
The Trump campaign has submitted a request for comment to the Trump group, which has yet to respond.
In the Muslim world, Trump also revealed his name to an office and retail complex in Islamabad, as well as a luxury development project in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, a former Soviet state.
Delegates to these developments cannot be reached immediately.
In the Trump Tower in central Turkey, shoppers seem to be dismissive of his comments. too-
Western prejudices against Muslims are well known, and Muslims account for the vast majority of the secular population of Turkey\'s constitution.
\"In his own way, I think he\'s right because he\'s trying to promote Christianity,\" said 21-year-old bearded Arda Ay. year-
The old man and his girlfriend with a headscarf eat hamburgers in the food court.
\"The Media Show that Muslims are devils, so they don\'t want us.
Noor ozdermere, 21year-
\"No one wants Muslims today.
But Trump\'s inflammatory rhetoric won\'t change her shopping habits.
\"If they change the prayer room to church, I will stop coming here,\" she joked . \".
A former Trump business partner in Dubai, building billionaire Khalaf al-
Habtoor told Reuters that Trump has undermined his prospects for successful cooperation in the region in the future.
\"He\'s really making war.
He creates hatred between Muslims and Christians, \"Habtoor, who once held a contract ready to establish
Trump International Hotel building in Dubai was canceled, Reuters reported.
\"Muslims have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in [in America]
Create jobs for Americans
They can invest somewhere else.
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