make your own industrial chandelier

by:Merttace     2020-05-17
Are you tired of the light bulb hanging on the wire in the middle of the living room?
Are you looking for a modern chandelier with a budget?
Don\'t look, you\'re in the right place.
In this structure, I will show you how I made my own industrial style chandelier for half price.
The project cost me about 50 euros by using pallet wood, but it could be less if I didn\'t feel some pretty but expensive sockets.
I started with the structure of the pallet chandelier.
As usual, I took a tray and removed it with a hammer and crowbar.
Once I have a few planks, I cut them to the desired length.
For my project I chose the structure of 35*60 cm so I got a 2 cm discount on each side (
Thickness of frame).
I then cut the frame of the structure into a tray raf Sub, two 35 cm pieces and two 60 cm pieces.
When I got the four pieces, I cut all the limbs at a 45 ° angle and tested them.
Then I stuck all the structures together, starting with wooden boards.
After drying, I added the frame around it and fixed it with wood glue and nails.
For this step, I recommend using the ratchet to bring the maintenance frame when the glue is dry.
The next day I could start to polish the whole structure with 80 sandpaper and continue to use 120 to get a smoother touch to remove the glue stains.
The last job of the structure is to apply dark oak stains to maintain the rustic style and apply two layers of clear varnish.
First, I cut the wire to the required length, plus the extra length of the internal connection of the structure.
I chose a bit with the same diameter as the wire and made four holes on the structure I wanted and passed the wire in the hole.
I stripped the wires at both ends and connected the socket at one end and the socket at the other end to both connectors (
Phase and neutral).
Once done, don\'t forget to add a tie to the structure so that the socket doesn\'t pull off the wire.
I added a steel rope of 1mm to hang the chandelier.
First of all, I screwed four small holes in each corner of the structure and drilled 2mm holes beforehand so that the wood would not crack.
Then I cross the steel rope through four rock nails and let it cross in the middle of the rectangle.
I didn\'t cut the cord right away, first I hung the chandelier and adjusted the length to the desired height.
Once the rope fastener is in place, I can hang it properly on the ceiling and it can be easily leveled with a rope.
When the chandelier is connected to the grid of my house, all I do is twist the bulb and appreciate my work.
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