make your first apartment shine with these decor tips

by:Merttace     2020-05-01
I always thought September was the beginning of the year.
The real \"New Year \". ” To this day (
Graduated for many years)
I know anything. possible-fresh-
The feeling of returning to the classroom began with me.
In September, my daughter shared my excitement about the new start, and after years of dorm life, she moved into a furnished rental apartment with three of her friends.
A little running though-
The girls were so excited in the dirty apartment;
They share a living/dining/kitchen area but everyone has their own bedroom.
Their excitement about buying and decorating an apartment will only be suppressed by the overwhelming idea of having to start from scratch.
My daughter asked me for some suggestions for decoration.
What I told her was: buy the second one
Buy as many large items as possible by hand or by borrowing money (
Sofa, table, coffee table)
As you can get from previous tenants, this saves money and the hassle of moving in items.
My daughter and her roommate bought an Ikea section from the previous rent r;
All they have to do is buy a new one.
Girls can also buy a simple table and a coffee table from other friends.
I don\'t suggest you buy a second one.
The hand is the mattress.
Better start over.
Although most rents do not allow you to draw, it is unlikely that the landlord will object if you apply a new white paint on the wall.
Normally I use the white color of Benjamin Moore\'s decorator, but for my daughter who has never painted the room before, I recommend her to use the perfect white color of walspa (sold at Lowe’s)
This is a paint and primer on one.
It is easy to roll and the wall looks obviously better after only one coat.
Nothing to install the curtains and/or curtains will make the room feel more perfect (
It\'s not like renting.
Treatment than window.
Usually the rental company already has some kind of blinds, but installing transparent curtains will make the room soft, so it doesn\'t need much because the sheets are light
Duty lever and hardware.
If the landlord does not let you install the curtain hardware, then fix the thin rod in place with a pull bar or with a large hook.
There are plenty of options available for PBteen
Make transparent curtains of various patterns and sizes.
My daughter ended up ordering Emily and Merritt tassels for her bedroom window;
Black tassel decoration adds visual interest to other decorations
Free windows, they are very versatile and can use any color palette.
Get a real bed or headboard or pretend it until you make a queen size mattress at the top of my daughter\'s apartment wish list (
She\'s happy to say goodbye to the extra.
Twin of dormitory life! ).
If you can\'t afford it for free
Stand on the bed stand or cushion headboard and hang a tapestry on the wall behind the mattress.
Usually some small nails or very small ones will work and they will hardly damage the walls.
The tapestries hold the mattress fixed because it will move your eyes up so the ceiling looks higher.
In my daughter\'s room, we hung up a navy and white Mattis-cutout-
Looking at the tapestries from the city decorators, you can visually see the ground of the bed.
Later, we made a headboard with a smaller blue color. and-
The front is a white pattern from the world market.
Headboards in the world market have a wide variety of patterns and shapes that are easily attached to standard metal bed stands, but be careful: the soft cushion part of the headboard is not placed on the floor as it is in a more expensive design, so you definitely need a spring on top of the mattress and frame.
Get plenty of tasks and ambient lighting and most rentals have terrible overhead lighting so you \'d better not use them and buy a few floor lamps and desk lamps.
In my daughter\'s bedroom, we bought two floor lamps from Target at Crosby school.
Floor lamps not only release the space on her bedside table, but their shape and symmetrical position also increase the visual interest and balance of the room.
My daughter bought a table lamp at home and put it on her desk;
The light at three points is usually enough to illuminate any room.
Buy durable, versatile furniture and accessories. I often order several very reliable items for customers.
My favorite table is the white painted table of West Elm Parsons.
I ended up buying one for my daughter\'s room because I knew it would be a great dresser if she didn\'t end up using it as a table.
In addition, its simple design can be easily incorporated into any future decoration scheme.
I also like the white Evie chair at the world market. The mid-century-
The design has a plastic back, which is the perfect strong dining chair;
But throw a little Ikea Rens sheepskin over it and it becomes a comfortable side chair in the living room or bedroom.
My favorite place to go
Ikea offers a $20 Linde Vader table.
This is one of the items you can order from IKEA online, although it is flat
Packed and easy to assemble.
It is a nice bedside table or side table in the living room.
The metal surface is indestructible-
This is perfect when you share an apartment with your roommate.
For the carpet, I like the cotton Safavieh flat woven carpet from Target.
There are 17 sizes and 11 colors.
The stripes make the room look bigger as the carpet is more like a thin mat and the doors are usually easy to open and close.
Whether you rent or own, clothing organization is as important as decoration.
I maximize the interior of my daughter\'s closet by hanging canvas shoes and sweater packs and I provide boxes and bins so she has a place where everything can be placed --
The best way to start a new year.
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