Madrid: The curse, the gods and the Champions League final

by:Merttace     2019-11-19
\"We hope to play in the final of our stadium-for me it will be a beautiful game for players, coaches, and especially fans, and it inspires us, asked last year about Atletico Madrid\'s dream of playing in the Champions League final at home, Atletico Madrid\'s coach said.
At the time, rogilblanco was playing Bruges at home for their second Champions League match, winning the European Super Cup. In the past four years, he has won the Europa League twice and entered the final of the greatest club competition in Europe. But, in the 26-
In the one-year history of the Champions League, no football club has won the championship after being chosen to host the final at home.
After Atletico was eliminated in the top eight, the curse continued this year.
Bayern Munich lost to Chelsea at the Allianz Stadium in Germany in 2012.
In the 37 finals before the Champions League, only three teams entered the home court final: Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu on 1957 and Inter Milan at San Siro on 1965, 1984 in Rome at the Olympic Stadium.
Only Madrid and Milan won.
Despite this, the city of Madrid, and even the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium, are iconic and full of football history.
For those of you who are going to play 11 500 km in this year\'s final, you may not see the home game, but there is a lot to go through in this city with a population of 4 million, deeply rooted in football culture.
Madrid is home to the top five teams.
The flying football club, but there are only two in the Champions League: Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.
With each of these teams dominating Europe, the city can rightly claim some sort of football royalty consciousness and even offer trophies to gods and goddesses.
Truly celebrate their trophy at Fuente de Vicente Cibeles (
Fountain of Cybele-an original natural goddess worshipped with Carnival ceremony)
Where she lived on the 18th-century lion. pulled chariot.
Atletico is celebrating at the Fountain of Neptune.
Each win will see the trophies awarded to God and the scarves of the respective teams wrapped around their heads or necks.
\"This is the only time anyone is allowed to touch the statue with a cup,\" explained our Spanish guide . \".
These statues have nothing to do with football at the time of construction, in fact they are in
Dates for their respective clubs were set hundreds of years ago, but since football has been integrated into the cultural structure of Madrid, football links are now available on most cultural sites.
From there, it\'s a 35-
A few minutes walk south
Go east to the former stadium of Atletico Madrid, Vicente Calderon Stadium. The now-
The stadium, which is already non-existent, is being demolished and some of the sides have been completely demolished.
The name of the stadium is still visible, while Atletico\'s stickers and flags can be seen in the suburbs.
Unfortunately, the Atletico museum is no longer there, but Wanda plans to open a larger and more spectacular showroom here.
There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Atletico\'s former stadium, and there are plenty of parks to visit if needed to be too real.
But if you want to eat at a place where football players eat, then there are two restaurants that are a must.
One is one kilometer north of Bernabeu and the other is in the Bernabeu district.
Mason Txistu in Basque country
The style restaurant serving authentic Spanish cuisine is a must-have for all famous sports.
Don\'t trust me, just look at the smiling faces on the wall and Brazilian Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Beckham, Nadal, Tom Cruise and even Bailey, just like they watch you eat.
Spanish food, especially Basque food, is bland, so be sure to ask for spicy sauce if your palate likes to live here.
You will also see a copy of the trophy and a signed T-
Real Madrid\'s Champions League victory jersey because it\'s the place for the team to celebrate dinner.
The other restaurant is located in the Bernabeu district and offers spectacular views of the stadium (
This was trimmed the next day at El Classico).
Puerta 57 is named after stadium gate 57, whose elegant decorations include rich carpets, white tablecloths and intricate carved decorations that will surprise you in front of the roofto-
The floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the stadium will question your breathing ability.
Don\'t forget to take part in the Bernabeu tour, where you\'ll see membership cards from Roberto Carroll\'s boots to San Diego Bernabeu and dozens of trophies including one that looks like a chimney
Football memorabilia can be purchased from the official club store in the stadium or shopping district of Gravia.
However, there are also shops and stalls selling knock-on bricks
There are some cheap trinkets if your budget is too small.
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