Lounging with style: create the perfect living room

by:Merttace     2020-04-22
Do you need inspiration from the living room?
Sit back and be a little more comfortable and have indoor master Alison Cork do the hard work for you.
Leather seats are provided, combining traditional style with modern style, and the exclusive leather of old boots recreates a true aging vintage distressed look.
Its specially developed leather is soft, warm and soft, ensuring the uniqueness and comfort of the product.
Everything is handmade.
Made in the UK with attention to detail, quality and personality.
Whether you choose a classic Chesterfield sofa or a club chair, there are a variety of colors and styles to help you create the perfect sofa.
Call 020 7736 3738 or visit the old sofa.
ComTrade Secret reselling quality furniture and household goods orders from respected senior dealers cancelstreet stores.
Well-known brands, including John Lewis, doyork, Mark and Spencer, British family stores and Laura Ashley, can enjoy an impressive discount of up to 60 cents.
Its 27,000-square-foot warehouse has over 3,000 designer sofas, armchairs, dining tables, etc, all of which can be taken away or delivered.
Customers looking for Christmas gifts or beautiful furniture should not look again.
Twyford milladderburyoxford shireox17 3 SXCall 01295 810 110 or visit trade-secret. co.
UkLucia Victoria interior design focuses on finding special household items without expensive price tags.
Different collections are expected to cater to a range of interior styles.
Choose from shabby chic furniture, French style, mirroring and boutique-
Inspired furniture.
Call 01732 844 967 or go to luciavictoriainterors. co.
UkEcora is a leading supplier of natural wood flooring products in the UK, offering hand-made
Finished wood flooring in various custom finishes.
The company offers customized services from oak, walnut, maple and plumbing to recycled teak, parquet flooring and block flooring
Develop solutions for projects large and small.
Call ec7148 5265 or visit eccora. co.
UkMagScapes started a trend with the first magnetic wallpaper.
Today, it offers a magnetic wall covering that can finish any surface treatment and is easy to paste.
The MagScapes custom service allows customers to select any image or design as a wall covering, resulting in matching magnets.
Call 07966 193 258 or go to tomagscapes.
The goal of ComHarley & Lola is to help customers create a warm space that offers carefully selected furniture, beautiful home accessories and great gift ideas for families.
With a strong commitment to the environment, the company produces products as morally as possible and uses recycled packaging.
From luxurious seating options and coffee tables to vibrant cushions and comfortable throws, everyone has something of their own.
At checkout, readers can get a quote of ten per cent from all orders.
Call 0330 088 3696 or visitharleyandlola. co.
UkMalabar deals for sale
Woven textiles from skilled artisans around the world.
Select high quality products including Cotton
Quilts, duvets, bedspread, wool from India, and unique silk ikat and suzani mats from Uzbekistan.
Call 01308 425 734 or go to Malabartrading.
Tired of the trouble of manually operating the blinds, one by one? Ultra wire-
The appeal\'s free electric blinds provide a solution with a single button.
Access the website for free brochures.
Call 0800 975 5757 or visit appealshade.
Com/AListVoodoo interiors is a unique showroom located in rural Cheshire, specializing in the design, creation and sale of truly unique and original furniture.
Whether you\'re looking for a bedroom, dining room or custom furniture for your living room, don\'t look again.
Call 01606 352 881 or go to the voodoointeriors. co.
UkSwans in Oakham is located 100 miles north of London and specializes in antique French furniture.
Its unique collection includes a 20th-century collection of French and British antiques as well as the \"one-of-a-kind\" mirrors, lights and lighting of interior design.
Exquisite three-
Stori photographed the townhouse and visited the showroom in Rutland Oakham. you can see the range.
Phone 01572 724 364 or visitswansofoakham. co.
UkSilverwood Shutters has created beautiful wooden plantation blinds for all families, offering design and installation services in Harford County, north London, Bedford and buckin County. FSC-
The certified wooden blinds are designed independently and equipped with care and attention to detail.
Call O1727 822 600 or head to silverwoodshutters. co.
Ukworld stores is the largest online home and garden retailer in the UK.
It provides a fuss.
Free shopping experience for over 750,000 items with discounts up.
It also provides next-day and day-of-
Choose to deliver thousands of items.
Call 0344 482 7500 or go to the World store. co.
Rural ukBased Nanwei Humblesticks sales recovery20th-
Century furniture and lighting decorated with unique prints, bright colors and a hint of humor, created the 21 st century
Century Aesthetics.
Commission is also available for a specific print.
Phone 07742 203002, visithumblesticks. co.
Wallace Sacks home design, a luxury Manufacturing Company at Wallace, is available to premium commercial street stores before exclusive direct sales and online sales.
Its series showcases statements that add finishing touches to any internal space designed to provide lifetime security.
Its iconic Ames-
The inspired recliner and ottoman are perfect for the living room.
Readers can get a discount of 60 cents in Wallace Sack\'s iconic furniture collection and free shipping on orders over £ 1,000.
To claim, please quote ALISTICO at checkout.
Call 0800 011 4642 or head to wallacesacks.
ComAn\'s inspiring home furnishing boutique, Rose & Grey, showcases an amazing array of vintage leather sofas and eclectic accessories that energize the home.
The statement includes classic Chesterfield, quirky industrial side tables and stylish furniture to add these finishing touches.
Call 0161 926 8763 or go to Rosen Gray. co.
UkThis offers a wide range of affordable, inspiring furniture with a full range
Inclusive resources, regardless of taste or budget.
Styles include mid-range
Century, modern, industrial, mirror and French vintage works, you can\'t miss the price.
Call 0800 092 1636 or go to my-furniture. co.
UkLiving It Up is an online retailer of premium home and garden furniture.
Its newly launched 25 stylish sofa designs cover a variety of flavors from classic to modern.
From the gorgeous center to the low-key comfort, its products are perfect for unique spaces and unconventional rooms.
All rooms are decorated with luxurious cushions and rich European fabrics, with a range of corner pieces, recliner chairs, sofa beds and the middle part.
Picture: Isabelle modular sofa (£3,449).
Call 0116 269 5960 or travel. co.
UkOak & Ash furniture provides comprehensive furniture for each room.
Its website is keen to provide customers with high-quality solid wood products, offering a wide range of options, including oak furniture, brushed furniture, recycled and painted furniture, urecall 0800 242 5318 or access oak furniture. co.
UkThis online retailer offers customers a wide range of high quality solid wood furniture at a reasonable price.
It has a wide range of wood options, including sideboard and coffee table, and its range is elegant and suitable for any family.
Call 01420 550 525 or visit hampsh Reshi furniture. co.
UkThe carpet store offers the perfect solution for any space.
As one of the leading online carpet specialists in the UK, it combines contemporary and traditional styles and will provide the final presentation for the family.
Call 0191 549 2783 or go to rugstorene. co.
UkNordic House is the place to go
Have unusual accessories to make your home a little Scandi-inspired chic.
The collection comes from all over Scandinavia, including beautiful candle lanterns, elegant tableware and important finishing touches that make the house a home.
Call 01872 223 220 or visit nodi House. co.
UkAs is a professional manufacturer of quality leather sofas and armchairs in Italy, and retro sofas offer attractive Art Deco and retro design options to suit a wide range of interior schemes.
The best company-
Jean Renoir series for sale (pictured)
Armchairs and two or three sofas are available;
It is stylish, comfortable and durable, with seven leather colors to choose from, regardless of whether there is a contrasting pipe or not.
Retro sofas throughout the UK.
Call 0207 381 9027 or go to the restaurant. co.
UkAdd some luxury to your living room with hand-made sideboards from nine Schools of Oriental experts.
The company uses traditional technology to build practical and beautiful sideboards, cabinets and suitcases that are not available on the commercial street.
Call 0117 332 3673 or go to American school. co.
A stylish life makes ukSink comfortable-
Guest rooms collection in Buck and stone house.
Including comfortable sofa, soft furniture and everything handmade-
Storage solution, the site features a range of designer brands to complete the contemporary home.
Phone 0370 218 6444 or visitbarkerandstonehouse. co.
Gina Moore provides personalized services from measurement to installation for private clients and interior designers.
Her studio, based in north London, also serves mats, throws, blinds, curtain rods and tracks.
Phone 07802 218 257 or visitginamoore. co.
Riot ukSofa showed the most
Quality range of hands-
Built-in sofas and armchairs available for online ordering.
Choose from a wide range of hardwood floor frames and choose the right materials and a large selection of designer fabrics to suit a variety of flavors.
The company\'s additional custom services offer customers the choice of any fabric, size and style to inspire and create the products they choose.
Sofa riot brings personal contact with Craftsman style, high production
Quality furniture for long lasting.
Call 07976 925277 or visitsofariot.
ComTransform the look and feel of your interior space, from the eclectic choice of interior design designer wallpapers.
Designers include well-known brands such as the Designers Association, Andrew Martin, Brian Yates, and San House.
Choose from luxurious textures and bold prints.
Call 0141 280 0498 or visit school. comMade.
Com is an innovative website that works directly with furniture manufacturers around the world to offer original furniture designs at affordable prices.
Furniture and home decor products include sofas, armchairs, decorative bean bags, side tables and coffee tables, lighting and art.
Call 03442 571 888 or go to tomade.
ComFor luxury living, head to the interior of Harrogate.
Its showroom specializes in modern and contemporary designer furniture and stores many famous brands, including Calligaris and Porada, so it is definitely worth visiting.
The hotel also offers free interior design services.
Phone 01423 701 701 or visitharrooms interiors. co.
UkUrban life Interiors is a leading contemporary interior design studio and showroom in central London providing smart home solutions for private customers.
Luxurious custom furniture, curtains, accessories and soft decor are available;
The company also works with leading real estate developers to develop unique display homes.
Phone 0207 637 9427 or visiturbanlivinginterors. co.
UkKeir Townsend is an award
Award-winning interior design studio and retail showroom in South Kensington, London.
The company is focused on finding unique home decor and offering interior design services with an impressive portfolio of renovation projects that provide a tailor-made experience for each customer.
Its beautiful showroom showcases a range of luxury furniture and lighting
Custom Accessories for luxury sofas.
The picture shows the luxury velvet deep buckle seat on the black patent leather base (
The price is 7,000 per piece).
Call 0207 746 2442 or head to Keane Townsend.
ComFardis focuses on the design and manufacture of wallpapers to create beautiful interior surfaces inspired by different cultures and trends.
Its products combine a unique design, excellent quality and great durability to make it a residential and high
Commercial real estate.
Call 0207 731 7300 or tofardis. comAn award-
Baroncelli winning studio focuses on the creation of original lighting products and devices.
Through innovative ideas and excellent craftsmanship, its Italy-
From floor and desk lamps to wall lamps and chandeliers, the inspired collection has a striking center.
Call 0207 720 6556 or visit barencelli.
ComChic Shack presents a range of delightful painted furniture inspired by 18th-century Swedish and French designs to create beautiful nurseries.
Desks, beds, drawers, sofas and bookshelves are a huge collection of lighting accessories and sheets.
Call 0208 785 7777 or go to chikchak.
NetSink enters pure luxury with a Deko\'s life-
Deluxe sofa and sofa bed in guest room.
Each piece is designed and manufactured in Denmark and will add a touch of modern fashion to any living room.
The stylish sofa bed collection offers extreme comfort with its stylish design and simple features.
Choose from over 200 fabrics including leather to meet your home needs.
The company\'s tempting choice of side tables, coffee tables and cabinets will also add to your indoor space.
Call 0207 377 5900 or head to toonedeko. co.
UkGotham offers a selection of furniture, lighting, custom rugs and accessories.
The exclusive British agent of Gotham City, the Knight of the French manufacturer Hughes, Bruno Moinard version.
The company also displays well-known brands such as Noel, Pouenat and Kevin Reilly lighting.
Call 0207 243 0011 or consult.
Anne Sloan, often referred to as the \"Queen of painting\", is celebrating her 25 years of decorating chalk paint.
It can be done on almost any surface and does not need to be started, making it ideal for simple, beautiful furniture conversions.
Phone 01865 713 089 or visitanniesloan.
Founded in 1899, Fishpools focuses on high quality home decoration and offers stylish furniture and accessories. Still family-
Decades of experience and knowledge have earned the company and its South
The East store is famous for its excellent products and services.
From declaring sofas and cushions to occasional pieces, there is something for every flavor, living room and budget.
Customers can get free shipping, helpful advice and attractive seasonal offers.
Call 01992 636 465 or go to the fish pond. co.
UkOffering\'s unique lighting device is \"designer lighting lights up your home\"
More than 25 years of business experience.
The company has been looking for the most exquisite, special and highest quality lamps in all styles in Europe.
Phone 0247 638 5627 or visitunique-lighting. co.
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