\"living room\" exhibit erected around columbus monument in new york

by:Merttace     2020-05-01
A new exhibition allows people in New York to see the statue of Columbus as if it were in their living room.
Most New Yorkers can only dream of an apartment like this.
Spectacular views of Midtown Manhattan, iconic art work in the living room and location of the main Columbus Circle. That 70-
However, getting up from the first floor can be a problem.
And it can\'t be a long time.
In fact, as it is not even a real residence, there is a regular lease or any lease.
This is the latest work by Japanese artist Sishi, turning the Columbus monument into a conceptual art.
A man shoots the iconic 13-
Foot statue of Columbus from 810-square-
New York, September 19, 2012, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi\'s \"living room\" art installation.
\"Living Room\" is regarded as a kind of concept art, which is located in 70-
Feet above the ground can only be reached through scaffolding
Enclosed stairs were temporarily built around the Columbus monument in the Columbus Circle.
Starting on Thursday, up to 25 people at a time can enter the living room to watch the 1892 marble statue of the Italian explorer up close.
Spencer Pratt\'s discovery Columbus is a 27-foot by 30-
Foot living room-
Sofa, light fixtures, TV and coffee table
Surrounded by statues, set in a six
Story column at the busiest intersection near Manhattan Central Park.
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Kelly has charged Trump\'s Miller since Thursday in response to a maximum of 25 people who can enter the living room by using the stairs inside the scaffolding and enjoy a rare opportunity to see the 1892 marble statue of the great Italian explorer up close.
For those who can\'t climb the stairs, the elevator is available.
The spacious room is furnished with modern furniture and looks very real, it\'s easy to forget you are standing on a huge monument in Manhattan.
The pink wallpaper designed by Nishi has small illustrations of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, cowboy and other pop culture pictures.
On the large floor-to-ceiling windows hung the red curtains of Burgundy.
Visitors can sit on the purple sofa at the foot of Columbus and watch the apartment.
Watch CNN\'s TV screen.
But not everyone is passionate about the art.
Looks like a trailer park.
The only thing missing is the pink flamingo, \"said John Mancini, executive director of the American italics Institute, which represents about 1,000 Italians across the country.
\"It\'s a bad piece of art from the outside.
\"He said he also had safety issues with the installation.
Visitors watch in a media preview of Japanese artist Sishi\'s discovery Columbus.
2012 of Columbus Circle, New YorkThe 810-square-
The walking living room built on the Columbus monument offers spectacular views of the middleManhattan.
13 of the monument-
The statue at the foot of Columbus stands between the sofa, the lamps and the coffee table.
AP Photo/Mary Altair column was created by Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo to commemorate the 400 th anniversary of Columbus\'s first American voyage.
\"How can another artist reinterpret the original works?
Mancini asked, pointing out that statues could not be seen from the street, as was the case for the whole of October.
Columbus Day parade.
Other members of the Italian
The American community also spoke.
Frank Vernuccio told CBS Radio WCBS, \"it\'s kind of like a beating heart in New York City, and it\'s true for Italians and all the immigrants who come to the country --\"TV in New York.
\"I think it\'s a kind of blasphemy.
Andre DiMino of a voice League told WCBS
Television said he was disappointed that the statue could not be seen during the October 1 Columbus Day parade, calling the exhibition a \"shame \".
\"He has been sitting there since 120, and no one has bothered him and enjoyed the scenery.
Must this be done now?
I think it\'s just another attack on Italians.
\"The American community,\" said Dimino.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the article gave New Yorkers and tourists \"an opportunity to do a little bit of exploration\" and watch the statue up close.
\"This sculpture was made for viewing,\" he said . \"
Nishi, known for surrounding historical sites with family space, said his work was intended to keep the audience in line with the statue.
Discovery Columbus was his first public art project in the United States.
His other works include Villa Victoria, a temporary hotel around the statue of Queen Victoria at Liverpool\'s 2002 Biennale.
The non-profit Public Art Fund, which commissioned Nishi to install in New York, said the group had not heard any objections from other ItaliansAmerican group.
Citizen Foundation of Columbus, 600-
Member organizations that sponsored the annual Columbus Day Parade said the artwork would mark the only time people were able to board the majestic statue directly. The 50,000-
Member of the Italian American Foundation in Washington, D. C. C.
He said the device would also trigger discussions about Christopher Columbus\'s role in history.
The city provided $1 million to protect the monument. This is a repair project that will take advantage of scaffolding around a private building
Funded installation.
The free installation runs through November. 18.
Visitors can book a pre-ticket for \"Discover Columbus\" through the Public Art Fund website www. publicartfund. org .
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