LED Chandelier Light

by:Merttace     2020-05-17
I have built some cool projects on structures.
It\'s time for me to contribute.
This is the LED chandelier I made with Christmas LED lights.
It\'s not hard to make, but it takes patience.
I think it\'s totally worth it and the end product looks great!
This is also a good energy saving device: use only 3 watts. Tools:-glue gun-power drill-
1/16 and 3/16 drill bits-
Electric screwdriver or screwdriverwire stripper-
Burrs cutting tool material :-50-
LED Christmas lights. (
I changed 8 Clear LED to Blue LED from another string light. )-brush-
Nickel finished ceiling lamp base (
The lamp holder I use is about 13 \"in diameter \". )-
Crystals or more (
I got my crystal from ebay: link-
Remove the insulation and electricity from the lamp holder. -
Draw what you want the LED and crystals to look like on the light.
Can use my template (
Download it below.
The small circle represents the crystal and the large circle represents the LED. -
Cut the template and stick it to the lamp holder with tape. -
Drill holes on the template using power drill bits and drill bits.
The drill bit of the small hole is 1/16, and the drill bit of the large hole is 3/16. -
Drill 8 holes around the top edge of the lamp holder where 8 blue LED will appear. -
After all holes are drilled, remove the template and remove the burrs from the holes using the burrs removal tool. -(Optional)
Replace 8 Transparent LED with 8 blue LED.
You can use other colors if you want. -
Plug the LED string lights into the socket to make sure they are all lit. -
Insert the LED into the hole on the lamp holder with one hand and keep it in place. -
Apply glue around the LED base with another hand and glue gun.
Keep the glue dry for 5 seconds. -
Repeat the steps for all 50 LEDs.
It takes time and patience.
8 Blue LED into the top edge of the lamp holder (
See figure 3rd above). -
Insert 1/4 \"of the Crystal string lead into the small hole-
Mix lead to 90 degrees with your finger. -
Apply the glue to the lead using a glue gun and fix it on the lamp holder. -
Repeat these steps for all 35 crystals.
Your new LED chandelier is now complete and it\'s time to install it.
Since this LED chandelier is not as bright as an incandescent chandelier, the best place to install this LED chandelier is in the hallway.
Install the new LED chandelier :-
Turn off all power to install LED chandelier-
Use the wire stripping device to cut off the male plug on the LED string and separate the 1/2 \"of the two wires (
No ground wire).
Don\'t cut off the female plug on the string lamp and leave it. -
The two wires have no polarity, which means you can connect the wires to the positive or negative poles.
Connect a wire to the positive (
Usually white or red)
And other negative (usually black). -
Fixed LED chandelier like ordinary ceiling lamp. -
Turn on the power supply again after you have finished. -
You will be surprised to open the new LED chandelier.
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