late-night light helps keep morning workouts cool

by:Merttace     2019-11-29
NEW YORK (Reuters Health)-
A report from the British research team said that exposure to strong light at night will reduce body temperature in the morning, which may have an impact on motor performance.
Overheating can lead to fatigue, which affects performance, especially in events that last more than 20 minutes, Dr.
Greg Atkinson of Liverpool\'s John Morse University and his colleagues noted in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.
\"The human body clock can help the \'natural\' state before mediation.
They added: \"cool down before exercising in the morning because the body temperature is the lowest between 4 and 6. m.
Atkinson and his team believe that making people exposed to strong light at night may push the early stages
In the morning, the body temperature drops and helps to maintain a lower body temperature while exercising in the morning.
To investigate, they had six healthy men run for 40 minutes on a treadmill at seven. m.
Under two different conditions: in one case, they were exposed to strong light between 11 in the eveningm.
And midnight, but stay in the dim light between 6 and 7. m. ;
In another case, the lights remain dim at night, but these people are exposed to strong light in the morning.
The temperature in the room where men exercise is about 31 degrees Celsius (
88 degrees Fahrenheit).
The researchers found that bright light exposure at night on average delayed the core temperature Valley by about an hour and a half.
One hour before exercise, the body temperature is roughly 0.
At night instead of morning light exposure is reduced by 2 degrees Celsius, \"there is evidence that this difference is maintained during exercise.
\"Bright light exposure at night also seems to reduce the intensity of sensation during exercise.
The researchers concluded: \"A time biology-based light schedule can reduce the core temperature before and after morning exercises in hot environments.
\"They point out that this may be particularly important for athletes at the Beijing Olympics this summer, as some important projects will be held early in the morning.
SOURCE: International Journal of Sports Medicine, March 2008.
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