keep up with the windsors: own the same £900 table lamp that kate and wills have at kensington palace (or nab one of these cheaper alternatives we\'ve found)

by:Merttace     2020-04-29
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently visited their home in Kensington Palace on rare occasions, where they were photographed entertaining the president and first lady of the United States.
Photos of the royal couple with Barack and Michelle Obama reveal a rare glimpse of their living room when they were 22
Room in London house.
The apartment has recently been renovated for £ 4.
5 million to the taxpayer, although the couple paid for the fixtures and accessories themselves.
Lighting is essential for decoration, and the large desk lamp fills the room with warm light.
Sarah Ward, interior designer at Sarah Ward Associates, said: \"When it comes to lamps, you can use silk tones and hands --
A well-crafted base at one of the most expensive ends of the scale.
But there are still some cheaper alternatives to choose from if you don\'t mind the cardboard tone and lighter design.
\"Here we reveal where you can get their £ 885 Deluxe desk lamp, sit behind Kate and Michelle, and cheaper alternatives instead of a more affordable £ 54. 95.
But how do they compare?
Alba snowflake gypsum lamp, £ 885, www. vaughandesigns.
If you\'re looking for a table lamp for Kate and William at the Kensington Palace, that\'s it.
Suitable for royal use, silk color with cream-
This is one of the best types when it projects a warm glow to the room.
The base is an equally high standard, hand-made alabaster-
Expensive materials like marble
Depending on the scheme and the technology used in it, you can select the wires.
For example, you can choose the color and length of the wire.
But for cheaper models, it is usually white, only three metres long.
The downside of this lamp is that it is large, so you need a room of the same size to make sure it is proportional.
It is also expensive, and these factors may make it inaccessible to most people.
Juno lamp, £ 235, www. okadirect.
Cheaper version of ComFor, try this light from Oka.
The dark linen and metal base gives a sense of the city.
The shade of the pleats is a classical style with contemporary fabrics, which means that objects that were originally quite feminine are actually quite masculine.
Often, the fabric chosen for the fold tone is often smooth in texture, while linen is often a more rough, heavier fabric.
There is no very soft fabric here.
There is no lining for this color, but it can be changed to a higher quality, maybe a different color.
Living cascade lights and shadows for £ 54. 96,www. belleek.
The ComThis cheap light draws inspiration from the Vaughan light as the base is embossed with hand-made details.
This is a cheaper, smaller version that can be described as light in weight and compact in structure.
It does what it says on tin cans.
Card shadows only allow light to escape from above and below.
Its size means it\'s more
Function as a bedroom desk lamp or desk lamp.
The lights are also cheap, which means replacing them is more practical if needed.
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