Italian Big Brother 12 Lasts Nine Months

by:Merttace     2020-07-02
Despite the fact that 12 years have passed since the first edition of Big Brother, 2 features that the audience wait for every single year, and that never missed one of prior editions, are the design and the super short Alessia Marcuzzi's dresses. For what regards Alessia, she has always worn mini-dresses for ENDEMOL show, but we must admit that even if most of the times she wears, for her choice or for broadcasting request, very short dresses or skirts, she appears always elegant, never vulgar or exaggerate. For initial episode of Big Brother 12, the host decided on a tiny black dress by H&M, showing off a wonderful shape, despite the recent pregnancy. Big Brother house in the last years has gradually grown in size, passing from the 325 square meters of the first edition, to each of the.000 of this one. The small enclosure which once surrounded Big Brother house now is a great area which tower over Cinecitta galleries. The house furniture this year is definitely inspired to modernity and color, with big glass doors that overlook the garden and allow light to enter ultimately house, making rooms very bright and livable. Many walls inside the house are also made from glass, making it easy, for the occupants, to 'keep an eye' around others even should in other sites. For what concern the furniture of bedrooms, both in guys and girl rooms there are 4 double beds and on the walls you can also find painted flower decorations, made with warm colors which resemble corn field and straw. Talking about relax, this years' occupiers have many areas and rooms, where they can relax: inside the house, like in the past editions, there will be the swimming pool, as the crystal-wall sauna has two entrances: one from the inside and one out from the garden. It is true in the garden that they have a circular swimming pool for chromo therapy, while on the second floor there may be the relax zone using a 60s.m. terrace, in which the guys could smoke and chat even in the event it rains. There are some furniture elements which recall the classic style, as your kitchen table- that for that first year isn't square, but round (2.5 meters of diameter)- and the sofa, which is 18 meters-long and half-moon shaped online. Inevitable and almost unchanged are other elements, as the great confessional with red background and the led wall for weekly connection at a time studios. As it takes place every year, even this year, in concomitance with the first episode of BB start the in need of the furniture elements of the house, which inevitably will dictate design rules for the following months; easily recognizable were the chaise long by Casamania signed by Sophie de Vocht and also the wall lamp which lighten even along with no lamp itself, signed by Lamur.
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