interiors: restoring our 1950s new england house

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Claire and Richard Proctor were unaware of their first visit to Berkshire, west Massachusetts, in 1996, and it would be the beginning of a love affair with the area, not only would they buy a house there, close the marketing business in London and renovate and run a 1960 motel.
If we were told we would eventually have a motel and we would laugh, Claire said.
For the British, the motel is where you have sex or been murdered in the afternoon.
\"When we first visited the area, we were not only impressed by its beauty, but also by its international feeling,\" Richard said . \".
During the summer months, it was home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, so it attracted a lot of creative people and its infrastructure reflected that.
It was this cultural atmosphere that brought Claire and Richard back to the area again and again, and over the years they became friends with the locals, one of whom showed them the house they would eventually buy.
She just got her real.
Real estate licenses, Claire said, and suggested we check out some interesting places-we didn\'t mean to buy them. It was 2005.
\"We were going to add a piece of glass to the house in west London, but the cost is rising.
It was a good idea to buy this suddenly.
Built in 1951, this house in the small town of Li adopts the classic Cape style: low, wide
Claire likened it to a monopoly House.
On the first floor, the kitchen, dining area and living room flow from each other, providing a light and open feeling that a couple immediately like.
\"Our home in London is a classic half-colony of Edward.
\"I was editing the Time Life magazine at the time and we decorated it according to tradition,\" Claire said . \".
They want their new home to be different and accept the fact that it is a 1950 American house.
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The same family has been living in the property since 1954, and the last decoration was in the 1970 s: The drawing wallpaper depicting the New England barn decorated the walls of the entire ground floor, the floor was covered with a thick pile of carpet.
The couple found a perfect solid oak floor when pulled up.
Over the years, it has been protected by terrible sandpiles;
\"All we need to do is get it dirty,\" Claire recalls . \".
Loft space is a large bedroom for the former owner\'s four boys, the place where the couple works the most, adding a dormer window in front of the hotel and a large dormer in the back, sliding doors and a small balcony are included.
Inside, the space is divided into two bedrooms and a bathroom.
The works were made while they were still living in London, and the builders were a little confused about the simple, modern aesthetics they were asking.
\"The people here like the country style and have a grumpy temper, so he was very entangled in what we wanted him to do at first,\" Richard said . \".
He really did it, and it was a miracle, especially since he didn\'t send an email and we did almost the entire renovation 3,500 miles away.
Decorating a whole house from scratch is very interesting for supervisors, who choose the work that is consistent with the 1950 building of the property: curved sofa, a classic upholstered banquet, and the striking Middle
Century-style chandelier.
The two bedrooms upstairs are European and have tongue-and-
The groove walls, ceilings and floors are all painted in calm Gustav blue, giving the feeling of a cabin.
In the picture: the marble miracle, while the interior clearly deviates from Berkshires\'s typical rustic style, encourages a response to the decoration to inspire the purchaser to renovate the motel in a similar modern way.
Briarcliff, which opened in 2011, of course abandoned any dirty connotation and provided a clean one
Queuing but homely style to the Metropolitan set, many of whom have made both-
Drive an hour from New York.
\"Making this house definitely gives us confidence in our style,\" Claire said . \"
It tells us that if you decorate with your heart, you will also create things that others like.
External (
Claire Richardson)
The house was built in the traditional New England Cape style, covered with cedar wood tiles.
Claire and Richard Proctor added a dormer extension that was carefully designed to blend into existing buildings.
Locals like composites that only need little maintenance, but of course we want weathered materials that look like old barn boards, says Richard.
Living Room (
Claire Richardson)Pale-
Mushroom Wall-Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore (benjaminmoore. com)
-Is a background with a 1950 feel, such as the Green Morro sofa of Jonathan Adler (jonathanadler. com)
Drake carpet with CB2 (cb2. com).
One Christmas, a glittering fern wreath was hung above the fireplace, but never removed.
\"It looks good there and it has to stay,\" Claire said . \".
Bentwood chandelier from West Elm (westelm. com).
Sheepskin was bought in the Shetland Islands.
Before arriving here, Claire said, it went to London first and then to Boston.
\"Some of the things in this House have miles of air.
Claire Richardson)
Clare, speaking of the couple\'s commissioned seat to install the bay window, said there was something very American about the banquet;
Cotton cushions purchased from Ikea (ikea. com).
Their contractor, a skilled carpenter, made a hexagonal table to handle the seat.
Le Klint\'s 169 chandelier purchased in Copenhagen is available from skandia (skandium. com).
The orange poster in the adjacent living room is graphic artist Anthony Berrell (anthonyburrill. com).
Kitchen (
Claire Richardson)
The kitchen ceiling is raised and a roof light is added to bring the light into the space, leading to the dining room and the living room.
The previous owners worked at GE and installed avocado ovens and stove covers, and they were still strong after decades.
The supervisor chooses to retain the existing units, simply refresh them with a little white paint, and add new glass tiles behind the stove, choosing to echo the color of the appliance.
The kettle is Le Creuset (lecreuset. co. uk).
Solarium (
Claire Richardson)
Large floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides make the sunroom bright and brightlit space.
When the couple bought the house, the tongueand-
The groove wall is \"eyes\"
Orange of water \';
Cream paint makes them easier on the eyes.
The space is furnished with Ikea, and its Strind side tables are similar to those here.
Try Roger Oates (rogeroates. com)
For plain carpet.
Bedroom (
Claire Richardson)
Claire called apartment four.
Poster bed, bought locally, \"Lord of the Rings \".
It serves fresh Swedish cuisine.
The style of the room, painted in light blue by Benjamin Moore, is full of smoke. For an animal-
John Lewis (try)johnlewis. com).
Gunnebo in gang (okadirect. com)
It\'s similar to the bedside table.
This striped cotton carpet is from Dash & Albert (dashandalbert. com).
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