inside kimberley walsh\'s family home: star\'s surrey abode boasts mammoth dining room, photos of girls aloud, luxury playhouse and elegant decor

by:Merttace     2020-05-16
She became famous with a chart of 1 out of 5
As an actress and TV presenter, she has succeeded in becoming a group girl.
The shining fruit of Kimberly Walsh
Sharing photos of her stunning family home on Instagram, her career was caught.
The voice of the 37-year-old underground killer lives an idyllic life in Surrey with her husband Justin Scott and their two young sons, their luxury pad features a modern kitchen, an elegant huge dining room and beautiful photos of her band\'s heyday.
In the center of the family, a spacious dining room, a 16-seat black marble table provides the perfect entertainment space, as well as a bench
A style dining table is provided for the family to eat more easily.
Guests, including Kimberly\'s former band member Cheryl and Nicolas Roberts, enjoyed dinner in a luxurious restaurant decorated in a creamy color scheme with sparkling chandeliers.
The modern kitchen comes with chic white cabinets, black marble countertops and chrome accessories.
Kimberly was recently seen experiencing a non-experience in a family room.
Surgical tramp elevator with cream velvet sofa, home photo and proud place to decorate the Earth.
Kimberly and her former band members are in a loud picture of the girl-
Sarah Harding, Cheryl, Nicolas, and Nadine Coyle-
It is most proud to see the Queen on the windowsill.
Kimberly shared photos of her younger son\'s bedroom, which were done in cream and white tones, and saw huge teddy bears on beige carpets.
The picturesque garden is perfect for Kimberly\'s 4-year-old boy Bobby and 23-month-old Cole, who can play with luxurious flowers
See the decorated playroom on the playground.
On 2016, the star had a beautiful wedding in Barbados.
The two have been together for more than 14 years.
At the same time, there is speculation that girls will be loudly reformed before the upcoming 20 th anniversary in four years.
According to The Sun, Kimberly\'s BFF Cheryl is the brain behind the idea, and he approached his mother --of-two -
Kimberly shared four sons Bobby and one son Cole with her husband Justin Scott
And Nicolas Roberts.
Former Girls Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding were also approached, reportedly working towards a full reunion, the report said.
It was submitted that the five members had recontacted for the first time in years.
On 2002, the girl appeared loudly in the ITV talent show Pop Star: competitor.
Before breaking up in 2013, the girls had a huge success.
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