inside coronation street star lisa george’s quirky manchester home with vintage-inspired wallpaper, a creepy mannequin in the living room and a tiki bar in the garden

by:Merttace     2019-11-26
Known for playing Beth Tinker on Coronation Street, Lisa George joined ITV soap in 2011.
Looks like the actor\'s family life is as bright and happy as the wardrobe of the character on her screen, 45year-
Old star\'s quirky Manchester house full of vintage gadgets and jazz wallpapers.
Lisa made her private life known to fans on her Instagram page, where she shared her love for 1950, artwork and home decor.
The actress has many unique lights in her lounge, including the figure of a chalkware woman holding the lights.
The man\'s hair was tied in the bun and dressed in a gorgeous kimono. style dress.
Lisa shared the photo shortly after her purchase, and she gushed: \"My latest work --
Is she not beautiful? ! I love her.
\"She went on to take a picture of another chalkware light in Lisa\'s inspired room.
This is a woman\'s bust image with a leopard print top with red flowers on her hair.
The statue raised the light, with a matching leopard print shadow on her shoulder and her left hand lifted in the \"stop\" movement.
Lisa has a human.
The size of the mannequin she used as a \"garden feature.
The star shared a photo of her in a long pink dress, a blonde wig and sitting in a white armchair in the living room.
The hardwood floors in the living room have cream walls and fluffy gray carpets, as well as multiple silver photo frames that leave precious memories for the actress.
Lisa revealed in the title of the Post that her \"new roommate\" would not stay in the lounge and wrote: \"She would go to the front garden to fit my stepdaughter theme --
It\'s just a summer hat.
\"I\'m not crazy, it\'s really a dummy garden, showing step fordgarden in flowers \".
The garden in front has a mannequin and the back is equally exciting --
Lisa built her own tiki bar in the summer.
Lisa shared a picture of the progress of the bar and revealed that after \"waiting a year\" for someone to build bamboo poles and tools, she began to use bamboo poles and tools.
She previously posted photos of the coconut shell cup and tiki decoration party at the end of the bar.
Lisa also shared that she used the day off of shooting Corrie to show her DIY abilities
She has black and white tiles in her kitchen.
Lisa also seems to be a huge art lover, hanging some quirky pieces on her wall that are covered in vintage stylelook wallpaper.
The star also installed a duck and face statue on the wall and saw a quirky Pineapple lamp on the bare brick wall.
Lisa is a bike lover and is updating old products
Vintage 30 s/40 s cabinets including her bathroom, the black look is elegant, the silver handle matches the faucet on the sink.
She has all sorts of retro gadgets.
Including a naked pin.
A woman sits next to a cactus planted and a pink ice crusher.
Lisa makes the most of her space by having the beautician go to her house for a massage to help her with the \"back problem \".
In an article, the hardworking actress shared photos of her living room massage bed, making fun of all sorts of retro styles
Inspiration for furniture-
Including a cabinet and lowrise table.
The star keeps her privacy through the white blinds on the window, making sure her relaxing massage is away from prying. Got a story?
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