Ikea and Sonos unveil new Symfonisk speakers for bookshelves and table lamps

by:Merttace     2020-04-28
The partnership between Ikea and Sonos has been announced as early as 2017, promising to bring Sonos\'s high-
The high quality audio equipment of Ikea products has launched a range of stylish speakers under the Symfonisk banner, which the two companies have shown in Milan for the first time this week.
The products they will officially release during the Salone del Mobile design show include a product with Wi-
Fi speakers, and shelf Wi-
The two speakers are expected to be available in August.
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We were prompted by the direction of cooperation between the two companies last year, when Ikea presented some prototype speaker designs at the Swedish Democratic Design Day event.
Working with Sonos is a way for Ikea to find a new way to incorporate sound and furniture design into the home, which may make it possible to start using top-
Home sound system.
New desk lamp including Wi-
The Fi speakers are designed to reduce the quality of the home and protect the home from the interference of equipment and wires, while also introducing a new hardware to play the music the user wants to listen.
A press release listed the recommended price as $179.
\"We knew from the beginning that we wanted to challenge the traditional high
Technical Aesthetics, \"said Iina vuoriocha, one of Ikea lighting designers in Sweden. “The lamp-
The speaker is partly from the idea of a fireplace --
A single item that spreads warm light and sound.
Vice President of Sonos design toutoulis said that working with Ikea is an opportunity to create products that neither company can develop on its own.
\"To this end, because music and light play an important role in creating a sense of place, we have developed a way to provide both
\"The Symfonisk light speaker,\" said turis.
At the same time, the bookshelf speakers can be placed horizontally or vertically.
Its purpose is to fit comfortably into the owner\'s home, not necessarily to stand out as a speaker, it also comes with some hooks that allow it to be connected together, say, almost all kitchen tracks.
The sale price is $99.
\"Creating the atmosphere and convenience is at the heart of Ikea\'s smart concept, and the Symfonisk series is designed with this in mind,\" said biyoen block, Ikea\'s business leader at Ikea in Sweden.
\"Ikea has been looking for ideas to improve its home life.
By combining technology with home products and solutions, we can do this in a better way.
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