How you can Decorate The New House With New Furniture

by:Merttace     2020-06-10
When arranging the furniture in the new house, it is important to guarantee the whole style of home design and then determine which kinds of furniture should be the leading role. Take the Miss Wade for example, in this viewpoint, furniture made from wood, especially the rosewood, is easy to make people feel calm and warm. As a result, all the furniture in his home are the fire wood furniture or flat panel furniture. under the dark yellow light, the entire house is full of cozy warm. As the saying goes, One thousand people would have a Hamlet in one thousand, in Ms Lucy's standpoint, it is far from right to follow the item of furniture fashion trend alone, visualize that if you are uncomfortable to use after you already bought the furniture at home, it is late to regret. Therefore, when arranging the new house, she chosen the leather sofa because she didn't like the fabric sofa, she selected the fancy curtain because she didn't like folding screen, what's more, she didn't prefer to place the air conditioning at drawing room, therefore she opened the window at balcony to allow natural wind inflow into the room. When place furniture at home, some restricted area is best not to sign. For example, the sofa and appliances should not go next to your window because the strong sunlight would all of them color fading as well as so ugly. What's worse, if the sofa or the appliances are contaminated with dust and rain, it will affect their service existence. At the same time, the best height between pendant lamp and desktop is about 55 cm, the too high location will resulted in light separated as the too close distance will affect the people's move. Finally, I will talk about how to maintain and clean furniture after buying them and placing them at buying location. With good maintain ways, top of furniture would keep shiny and moist so people always feel the impression of freshness as if the home decoration has finished several days ago. Generally speaking, not using water to wash the furniture constructed from plywood so as to prevent adhesive failure, as usual, the common dirty mark could be cleaned with abstergent. Both the wax for maintaining furniture and abstergent are the two important tools to clean and observe after furniture. the former one is made for furniture made from wood, polyester and paint while disorderly is suitable for furniture made from mixed material, glass and so on.
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