How YOU can cleverly revamp your home with 2019\'s hottest colour trends (and not instantly regret it!)

by:Merttace     2020-04-22
The style and color we give home is like a window into our soul, reflecting our personality and unique style.
But just like most of us play juggling in a busy life, our house will be a little tired from time to timeto-time.
Although we know that wearing colorful clothes can completely change our mood, so can our home.
However, introducing colors and trends in our interior design can be a bit scary: what if we don\'t like it? Fear not!
B & q works with home designer and color expert Melanie lisback to show you how you can transform your home with color no matter your budget or taste. . .
Take the pop trends home: the hottest colors of 2019 are like the fashion trends we see on the runway twice a year, and interior styles come and go.
For 2019, you should consider a little retro and give your hat to someone in their 70 s.
Think about the soft pink blush tones used to replace neutral tones on walls and soft furniture, while brass and gold accessories (
For example, at the end of the gold effect pineapple resin book, there are 15 pounds in B & Q)
It will also be huge.
Speaking of the hottest look in your home, Melanie explained: \"I think the warm neutral substances we see in design exhibitions and magazines will filter into people\'s homes in 2019.
Think of the light caramel color and the more complex pink blush (
A color like this
Pleat Light Shade in B & Q, 17).
\"I also think that the pastel will return to a large extent, such as the ice of a very light version --cream colours.
My suggestion is that the retro orange color of deep 70 will also be popular, especially the sofas and accessories.
\"Bold and beautiful: where to start is like when you carefully read your favorite look and color in the store, you should do the same thing when coloring your house.
If you follow the trend pattern of 2019, make sure you are satisfied with your choice --
After all, you have to look at it every time you walk into the door.
Melanie said that when choosing paint, wallpaper and accessories, choose similar shades to attract you to the crazy shopping.
She said: \"Think about the color you like.
When you go to buy clothes, what color are you attracted to and what color are you wearing?
And not expensive-
You can change the room completely in less than 30 to make it feel clean and fresh (
Try £ 20 Dolos 5L standard color lotion at B & Q).
You will also feel a great sense of accomplishment!
Using the amazingValspar paint and color matching service * from B & Q, you can take the color you like as an example --
From blush pink cushion to your favorite lavender jumper
When you wait, they turn it into something you can put on the wall --store!
Color Code: How much is too much?
Now that you have inspiration, be brave with your color choices, how far should you run with it?
Melanie recommends putting your doubts aside when decorating the interior by remembering the three rules of a room palette.
\"I think you should always use a palette of no more than two or three colors when decorating your room.
She explained that it would look a bit confusing if you added too many different colors.
Create an emotional board before you start decorating to make sure everything looks cohesive.
You can now make mood boards quickly and easily, and B & Q has great advice on how to choose wallpaper and paint.
\"If you like the color, even the curtains and radiators, you should not avoid painting the whole room in a bold tone, so the room is actually washed into the same tone.
I know it can be daunting to use bold shades, but to be honest, you will never go back once you do.
I used to be afraid of the colors on all the walls, and now I look back on how the house was renovated in the past, and the room looks very cold and bare, vibrant shades compared to what it looks like now.
\"How to make your living room active? Living room trustworthy --
One of the most used and neglected places in our home.
As the center of constant wandering, the living room takes on the full power of family life every day, giving it the risk of looking bleak.
But you can easily upgrade it with a new color scheme, and the best thing is that bold colors hide a lot of sin.
Melanie said: \"A Room with colors and patterns is as personal as a family who lives in it.
For a family that often has to clean up dog hair or sticky finger marks, the colorful living space is very forgiving.
Textiles are a great, cheap way to add color trends to your living room.
Collision pads to choose from (
For example, the Chevron blush pink cushion of B & Q is 15, and the pleated navy blue cushion of B & Q is 18)
No carpet.
Delivery items that can be exchanged easily.
\"You can get large pieces of art online (
Like these giraffe and elephant beige canvas prints (W)320mm (H)
£ 8 at B & Q £ 320mm)
, Build them with a budget framework.
\"The room may be painted white, but it will look very colorful and lively with the right bold and bright accessories.
Add another chic element with a table lamp in gold or brass with colored shadows (
Navy likeMaya antique brass effect desk lamp, £ 18 for B & Q).
We were always warned to keep our room calm and quiet so we could have a good night\'s sleep.
But Melanie advised you not to avoid color in the room we stayed in most of the time!
She added: \"I recently stayed at a hotel where the big headboard was a gorgeous bright poppy red velvet that made me very happy every time I walked into space.
Rich colors like red, emerald green and dark blue feel very luxurious and relaxed, so perfect for the bedroom.
If you want to keep a delicate tone, then just add the color dash in the bedroom.
You can add a plant in the corner, like a large violin leaf fig, to make the green splash, or go and buy a jungle themed wallpaper (
Like the golden green palm leaf wallpaper, £ 16 per roll on B & Q).
And look at what you put in your room.
Use well-designed items such as lamps and lanterns such as the Tezz copper lampshade in this color (D)290mm, (£20 at B&Q).
Another way to make your wall a work of art is to add vitality and texture to our home through tiles.
With a return to a more sophisticated understanding of the sevents model, it\'s time to skip the white tile aisle and look for something more personal.
Because it\'s a longer time.
In addition to other aspects of adding color, Melanie recommends testing the tiles of your choice at home before grouting.
Forget the trends and make sure you love design.
Will it catch you at once? ,\' she says.
\"Put a few tiles on the wall for about three weeks.
Are you still excited to see this pattern when you walk into the room?
Are you tired?
Or do you still want it at home?
Bright tiles with patterns (
A multi-colored tile like this ,(L)500MM (W)
£ 200mm per month.
£ 80 for a pack of 14at B & Q)
Great kitchen, hallway and bathroom.
One trick to make them popular is to mute the rest of the space so that the tiles become the star attraction and the room doesn\'t look too busy.
Simple lighting is a great way to highlight luxurious walls.
Try the white tibbon chandelier (£40 at B&Q).
* Valspar Color matching service-B & Q can match any item they scan.
Shiny items, for example, cannot be scanned because they do not provide enough solid color to match, or if the item is less than 1 inch square feet.
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