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Apple Pay has been available in stores, select apps, and websites since iOS 8 first appeared. 1.
Now, with iOS 12, there are currently 13 different iPhone models that support Apple Pay without using Apple Watch, and the list of cooperative stores that accept Apple Pay has only increased
This is what we always have. up-to-
List of dates to let you know.
First of all, since iPhone models with iPhone 6 and later have NFC-
Built-in technology, almost any store with a feature contactless reader (
Employees who know how it works)
Like Google Wallet and NFC, they will accept Apple Paychipped cards.
Just look for Apple Pay icon or universal contactless smart card reader logo on card reader and point cardof-sale (POS)
Store terminal.
If you want to know which businesses accept Apple Pay Now, here is a complete list of physical locations and where Apple Pay is not accepted or is known to be completely disabled.
Starting from April 2019, the situation may fluctuate slightly, as retailers with contactless payment terminals must also accept EMV contactless chips, which may cause some retailers to disable contactless payment before they comply.
There is also a bunch of iOS apps that accept Apple Pay, so you can also scroll down to see the list.
Start with iOS 12.
3. You can use Apple Pay to Pay for your purchase in the App Store, iTunes and Apple Books, and subscribe to Apple Music, Apple News and iCloud storage (setup needed).
If you need help setting up Apple Pay and using it, check the bottom of this guide for some quick walkthrough. 1.
There is no place in the store that accepts Apple Pay is the official list of Apple Pay partners accepting contactless payments in the store.
While it does not include every store, restaurant or service, you can be sure that it will work in these places as it is likely that the staff has been adequately trained, prepare for the problems shoppers will encounter. There is\"confirmed)
\"Next to their name is the retailer, who has not or never been on Apple\'s official list or has not been declared a partner by Apple, but they have officially said they accept Apple payments.
Again, these stores say Apple Pay is the first choice for payments, but since most stores with contactless payment readers will work, the list is much larger.
Hell, even a vending machine with technology can work.
So if you see the Apple Pay icon or the universal contactless smart card reader logo, try it out.
The worst thing that can happen is that it doesn\'t work.
Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, said at a meeting on January 2018 that 50% of retail stores accepted Apple Pay, considering that when Apple Pay first launched in 2014, only 3% of stores launched, this is surprising.
In January 2019, Apple said in a press release that among the top 74% businesses in the United States, Apple\'s payments were accepted at 100, which was 65% of all retail locations.
So, if you try, you have a better picture than the one that Apple pays for 50/50.
In addition, more payment terminals, such as Square Reader, PrestoPrime EMV and Ziosk, are supporting Apple Pay in any major enterprise or mom\'s update systemand-
Pop shop can be used.
Use the Apple map to check where you are not sure, you can use a quick trick in the Apple map to see where you are around to accept Apple payments.
Just open the map app and search for \"Apple Pay \".
\"It will show you all the businesses around you that may accept it, and you can check out more information for everyone, view the Apple Pay logo and/or accept Apple Pay under useful information \".
You can also search and select specific businesses and view the \"useful knowledge\" section to view. 2.
Here are the businesses that promise to launch and run Apple Pay compatibility at some point, so please note.
Some of them may have dropped the plan or have actually started accepting Apple Pay, we just haven\'t confirmed yet. 3.
Stores that don\'t accept Apple Pay Now (Or Ever)
While most stores with the generic contactless smart card reader logo will accept Apple Pay and other NFC-
Based on payment, few stores do not specifically add support for Apple Pay, nor do they have the intention to do so, or have not yet been confirmed to support Apple Pay (
If you know, please let us know in the comments! ).
Some of the stores below have previously worked with MCX (
Later purchased by Chase)and its now-
Current c project that does not already exist.
Others work with options like PayPal, Chase Pay, and buy It Mobility, or launch their own contactless payment system.
Not all of these merchants will refuse Apple Pay, but as far as we know, they have not officially accepted it yet.
Some stores, such as CVS, have confirmed that NFC card readers are disabled to prevent Apple Pay from using (
Still, some of the changing shops will still accept it).
There is a star (*)
Apple payments may now be accepted, but they have not been confirmed yet. 4.
If you don\'t like shopping in the store, the iOS app below has accepted Apple Pay at some point and/or at the moment.
While Apple no longer maintains a huge list, we try to keep this updated when we find a new list on iOS that adds Apple Pay support, but keep in mind that, apple Pay has been running since October 2014, so there may be a lot more apps using it than listed below.
Also, start with iOS 12.
3. Whether in the App Store, iTunes, Apple Books, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple News, iCloud Storage, etc. , you can use Apple Pay when purchasing anything.
To use Apple Pay in Apple\'s own app, you need to set it up first. 5.
Apps and websites that will soon accept Apple Pay do not currently have an official list of apps, promising to accept payments for apps purchased in the app, but this is what we hear through the grapevine6.
Non-profit organizations that accept Apple Pay donations also point out on their website that the following charities and non-profit organizations accept Apple Pay donations, so if you are in the spirit of giving, try it out. 7.
Apple also noted on its website that the following university campuses and universities accept Apple payments. 8.
Colleges and universities that are about to accept Apple Pay set up Apple Pay in your WalletIf, you need help setting up the Apple Pay wallet on your iPhone, it\'s like opening the Wallet app by clicking the \"\" flag, scanning your card and following the rest of the prompts.
Now there are more than 2,300 participating banks and credit unions in the United States, so it\'s not worth trying to mention any of them.
If it is a bank, there is a great possibility that you can add your account to Apple Pay.
Set Apple Pay to use Apple\'s own app in iOS 12.
3 or later, check out our full guide.
Using Apple Pay to make purchases on your iPhone is as simple as getting them.
In the store, simply save your registered fingerprint on the Touch ID surface, then close the iPhone to the payment terminal and submit the payment using your preferred card.
Please use double if you want to use a different card-
Click the home button, select your credit card, and touch the ID with your finger to place it near the payment terminal.
The process is a bit different if you have an iPhone X or an update.
You need double.
Click the side button and if you don\'t want to use the default payment card, select a different payment card and have the Face ID scan your Face and press and hold the iPhone near the payment terminal.
What did you miss?
Let us know, are we missing any big brands that accept Apple Pay now?
Let us know and we will continue to update this list.
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