how to: this hack makes it easy to inflate an air mattress without a pump

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
The air mattress is great when you let guests sleep on it or want to camp in a completely comfortable environment, but the air mattress pump is a different story.
The electric ones are very loud and not very good at the camp, while the manual ones are easily broken or forgotten.
Fortunately, there is an alternative way to inflate the air mattress with your own breath and it\'s easy.
According to DaveHax, blow up the air mattress using a garbage bag and use a plastic bag if your air mattress pump is broken, lost or unsuitable for the environment.
A large garbage bag is best because it is thick plastic and can hold a lot of air.
It\'s definitely better to use your own lungs than this.
To see it in action, make sure to watch Dave\'s full video below.
If you don\'t have plastic garbage bags, any thin, lightweight plastic material can work, such as the skin of the remaining pool inflatable or self-sealing bags.
Please note that it will take a long time to fill the mattress if you use a self-sealing bag.
As YouTube user juliakg demonstrates below, you can also use appliances such as vacuum cleaners.
Just hang the bag on the exhaust unit. (
This may not work for all vacuum cleaners, but certainly for upright bagged vacuum cleaners. )
If you are not worried that the plastic of the mattress will melt, feel free to pick up the nearest hairdryer as well.
Do not use high settings-
The lowest setting is best to prevent melting.
Regardless of your method, the goal is to save you time and breath from blowing up the air mattress without your actual pump.
What have you tried before?
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