how to: the trick to keeping your home warm during winter for cheap

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
In the cold winter, it is difficult not to warm up when the temperature drops and reaches a new low.
This means that whether you are heating on gas, electricity or other fuels, you will increase your energy bill every month.
Instead of turning to blankets, coats, and layers of clothing to keep warm, try to add to the heat insulation of your home with a simple trick: filling windows and entrances with foam packs.
Foam wrap adds warmth to your windows. When the temperature drops in the winter, the windows in your home are the culprit, and this is especially true if your windows are decades old, or without any insulation or special pane.
When you open the heat inside, your thin window causes cold air to sneak in and trigger a temperature war.
To prevent this from happening, a layer of protective insulation is added to the foam packaging.
According to Build It Solar, bubble wrap is a common effective insulator in winter.
Applying foam wrap on your windows takes only 15 seconds per window, which means you can heat the entire house in a few minutes.
All you need is plenty of foam packs, scissors and a spray bottle full of water.
Take the foam-packed sheets to your window and reduce the size.
You want to make sure that the plastic is easy to go from the edge of the window to the edge, leaning tightly against the pane.
After measuring and cutting, spray water on your window.
Pick up your foam pack and stick it on the window and the foam itself touches the glass (
Flat back should face you). That\'s it.
When you press the bubble package in place, it stays there until you choose to remove it.
When spring comes, you have finished the work for a year, just peel it off and you will find clear, unchanged glass below.
If you find your windows particularly tricky and do not allow air bubbles to wrap around, mix a small amount of glycerin into the water
Spray bottle for filling
Or, go to double
Adhesive tape, which is also strong enough to support lightweight plastic.
How Bubble Wrap pays for your bubble wrap windows will be rewarded soon.
In just two months, you can see a change in your energy bill and usage.
The foam package will reduce the heat lost through the window by half, and according to the calculation of solar energy, each building-
Throughout the winter, an unpacked, uninsulated window lost an average of about £ 168.
At the same time, Windows insulated with foam packaging lost only 88 k btu in the same season.
What makes Bubble packaging really valuable is financial gains.
You can save $1.
During the winter months, there are 65 windows per square foot on your heating bill.
The more expensive your heat source is
Natural gas, propane, electricity, etc. —
Adding insulation can save more.
Foam packaging also provides financial savings in another way: you can continue to use the same foam packaging that has been cut and sized for many years.
As long as there is no tear or damage on each piece of plastic, you can reinstall them in the exact same way.
Or, use them for shipping purposes when you need them.
The only real benefit of using bubble wrap is a lot;
This is an easy-to-install thermal insulation that will not turn your home into a strange sight that will attract the attention of your neighbors and will not reduce your energy use.
However, the small pockets of the air will make the outdoors look a little blurry, rather than not being able to see clearly.
So choose a bigger one.
The size of the bubble package, with the medium to large bubbles of the kind.
If you have a smaller breed installed, your home won\'t have that much light, and you won\'t see much when you peek through the window.
The bigger the bubble itself, the more sunlight can peep, the clearer your own view will be.
All of these sizes are equally valid.
It is your personal preference to decide which home is suitable for you.
Alternatively, you can skip the bubble wrap completely and try some window insulation kits like the shrink film kit from Frost King, which can seal the draft and dust.
But in the long run, foam packaging is still cheaper because a roll is cheaper than a bunch of these kits.
You don\'t have to limit your foam packaging to use on your Windows --
You can expand its efficiency by insulating it in many ways.
Whether you are preparing for extreme cold or a slight drop in temperature, you can spend the winter with normal products in unexpected ways, from your car to your home.
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