how to: steam tons of food at once with a diy multilayer steamer basket

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
Steamed Food has many advantages over other cooking methods.
The gentle heating of the steam makes the meat, such as chicken wings, more humid after cooking.
It also allows faster cooking time.
When cooking with steam, the vitamins and colors in vegetables are also best kept.
One problem with traditional metal steamed baskets is that they do not provide enough cooking space.
But don\'t be afraid.
I came up with an easy way to steam multi-layer food with DIY steamer.
Cheap too!
Material Step 1: Open the pie and place the pie jar in a uniform layer.
Step 2: poke the steam hole with scissors, poke four holes in each part of the first pie plate, and poke one in the middle.
Make sure the holes are big enough to allow enough steam to pass through, but not too big and the food will fall.
Repeat with all the pie cans.
Step 3: start assembling the hex nut onto the Bolt All the way to the bottom.
Place the first pie jar on top of the hex nut through the center hole.
Step 4: fix another hex nut on the bolt so it can be placed on top of the bottom pie jar. Tighten it.
Step 5: assemble the middle layer thread another hex nut to a bolt about 2 inch from the previous Bolt.
As before, put another pie jar on the Bolt.
As before, add another hex nut to it.
Step 6: assemble the final layer to install another hex nut on the bolt, about 2 inch more than the previous nut.
Place the last pie can on top of the hex nut and tighten it with another thread on top. You\'re done!
To use it, simply put a small layer of water at the bottom of the pot of your choice, then boil, place the food on each layer, place the rig in the pot and cover it.
Remember, make sure you don\'t put too much water in the pan that it will bubble up on the ground floor of the food.
It will be a completely different way of cooking!
In addition, be sure to keep food safety in mind.
Place meat and heavier food on the ground floor to avoid cross contamination and preserve vegetables and lighter food for the top floor.
Do you have a better way to steam food with a homemade steamer?
Let me know in the comments section!
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