How to Screw a Table Lamp Back Together

by:Merttace     2020-04-28
The desk lamp usually looks very complicated or smooth, and it may be difficult for you to imagine how it is combined.
No matter how smooth the exterior is, it is still a desk lamp below.
The basic design of the desk lamp makes it easy for ordinary homeowners to assemble and simple enough.
Assemble all the parts of your lamp.
Put the lamp holder on the workbench, then the lamp body.
The center and foot of the lamp holder usually have a hole to allow the lamp line to exit down to the socket.
From a vase to a piece of wood, the main body of the lamp can look like anything.
It should have a hole in both the top and bottom.
Slide the lamp pole into the top hole of the lamp body, from the bottom hole through the hole of the lamp holder, and the foot points away from the lamp.
Place the gasket at the end of the threaded pipe and screw firmly into the locking nut, or turn the main body in the base until tightened, depending on the model of the lamp.
Twist your light line to the bottom of the pipe, up and out from the top of the pipe.
Place a lock nut at the end of the wire at the top of the lamp holder and tighten the nut.
Put the neck on the nut-
Some lights have no neck--
Place the bottom of the harp up.
The harp is a curved wire around the bulb.
Place the seat cover at the bottom of the harp and screw the seat cover onto the threaded pipe to make sure it is firmly tightened and up.
Pull the wire 2 inch away.
Use a wire stripping device to Strip 1 inch of the insulation of each wire.
Spread the two wires into a Y shape.
Tie the wire into the underwriter\'s knot.
Take the left line to the right side behind the right line to form a small ring so that the left line is behind the right line and points to the left.
Put the line on the right in front of the line on the left to form a small ring so that the line on the right is in front of the line on the left, pointing to the right.
Point the current wire to the right, from the front to the back and right through the loop to the right.
At the same time, point the current wire to the left, from the back to the front and the left through the loop on the left.
This will form a pretzel. like shape.
Screw the wire end.
Wrap the hot wire on the gold screw on the bulb socket and tighten the screw.
Usually the insulation on the neutral wire will have ridges, or the insulation of the hot wire will have a darker color.
Wrap the neutral wire around the silver screw and tighten the screw.
Place the socket housing on the bulb socket so that the bulb socket is fully covered.
Plug the rope in.
Slide the socket case into the up socket cover.
Squeeze the end of the harp and slide the end into the bottom harp assembly.
Screw the bulb into the socket.
Place the lampshade on the threaded post at the top of the harp and fix the lampshade in place with a fine nut.
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