how to repair broken stained glass

by:Merttace     2020-04-08
Question: My sister gave me a lovely stain
Glass panels for Christmas last year
I hung it on the window and gave my living room a little privacy and color, but the hook with it was loose.
The panel fell off and broke some glass and the frame bent.
Can you fix it? Where? —
Yes, any stain.
The glass shop for maintenance should be able to help you.
Repair personnel need to cut the damaged area, find and cut the matching glass, smooth adhesive
Wrap the copper tape around the edge of each piece and then cover the copper with solder paste.
Pamela bogdonov, owner of McLean\'s stained glass studio (703-528-1374; www.
Clean the glass. com)
, Take a look at the photos you sent and say you are lucky and the damage seems to be limited to the edges.
When the window is damaged in the middle, she often has to disassemble it and redo almost everything, making repairs more expensive than creating the window from scratch.
Bogdonoff says she usually charges $75 an hour, but $100 may solve all the problems shown in the picture.
Virginia stained glass company in Springfield (703-425-4611; www.
Virginia glass. com)
Employee Patricia Ness said the price started at $59, including the replacement of a broken piece of glass.
Both Ness and Bogdonoff said they were sure that the pieces contained in their glass series matched the broken pieces very well.
Question: My 1940 Cape Cod has a brick fireplace with 12-by-12-
Tile floor tiles inch.
We want to remove the tiles and go back to the original brick look.
How should we avoid damaging bricks?
The mortar that holds the tile to the brick leaves enough residue, do we have to paint the brick? —
HyattsvilleAnswer: It\'s a big job to fix the tile fireplace, so make sure you really want to get back to the brick before you start.
You won\'t know how much work it will involve until you dive into the project, and by then you won\'t have the option to just live with what you have.
The fastest way to remove the tile is to use SDS roto-
Hammer with tile chisel scraper attachment. (
SDS represents a slotting drive system, a design that allows the drill bit to slide in the chuck, enhancing the hammering of the tool. )
For example, the Bosch bulldog is extreme, Home Depot is $199, and the port freight version of Chicago electric tools is $63.
The scraper drill is about $15.
Wear goggles and ear guards and cover carpets and interior decorations.
You may need to cut or pass through the grouting line under the edge of a tile.
You can then scrape horizontally, pry up the tile and break it.
Test whether the warm water softens the adhesive and they quit.
If you are lucky, whoever installed the tile, uses a milky fragrance that reacts to the water.
Then it was just a scrub and cleaning issue and tried to limit the confusion.
More likely, however, the adhesive is thin mortar, a cement
Keep fast base products even when wet.
Scrape as much as possible without damaging the bricks.
Some bricks are hard and smooth, scratch-resistant;
The other bricks are rough, soft and barely scratched.
Once you scratch as much as you can, one option is to try and get rid of the things left by the chemical stripping tower.
Prosoco, manufacturer of masonry cleaners and protective products (800-255-4255; www. prosoco. com)
Recommended for its SafStrip 8 stripping device, it has a thick gel consistency and is less dangerous than many stripping devices.
A customer service representative said it also has a neutral pH value and therefore does not damage the bricks.
The product is sold at a company that offers masonry products.
Prosoco has a store positioning tool on its website.
Painting is an option if you decide that there are too many frankincense to be removed, or if you do not want to use a chemical stripper.
You can also consider facing bricks with thin bricks. real, fired-
A brick of clay that is thin to half an inch.
If you use thin bricks behind these fine bricks and use ordinary mortar in visible seams, you will see the appearance of ordinary bricks.
If you have exposed corners in your fireplace, be sure to buy special corners as showing the edges of thin bricks will reveal your secrets.
One benefit of this approach: you don\'t need to worry about removing all the old thin covers.
Most brick suppliers have thin bricks.
Potomac Valley Brick (301-309-9600; www. pvbrick. com)
List 25 in the product catalog.
The cost of thin bricks is similar to that of ordinary bricks, or even higher, because sliced thin bricks add to the manufacturing process.
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