how to organize a small bedroom - 6 easy ways

by:Merttace     2019-11-28
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When a bedroom is small, every square inch becomes an expensive property.
To make the most of the potential of this room, you need to use every inch of land.
If you have a budget, you can add a variety of \"built in\" to your room to store and display without adding furniture that tends to take up the most space, but most of us have to be creative in finance.
There are ways to organize the space to work properly without tripping over everything like sardines and feeling squeezed inside.
First of all, you need to decide how to use this room.
Yes, sleep, but do you like reading in bed? For example, when the first thing you do in the morning is to use the room, do you have a lot of clothes to find home? Preparing for the work.
Once you answer some questions about how to use the room, then you can start working and figure out which ideas are best for you and your budget.
The first question: are you reading in bed? This means you need a night light and your books or things will end up on the floor.
You can get the lighting attached to the wall and then simply store your books and other things that are usually on the bedside table with the bedside table. Credit: amazon.
ComRichards 6 pocket bed storage mattress book remote caddie (Caddy, Black)
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The bedside table is really cool, attached directly to your bed, so there is no need for a bedside table that can occupy the room.
If you really don\'t have much space between the bed and the wall, then using the bedside table can at least give you a place to store your books, reading glasses, etc.
You can get a reading light that will clip on your headboard or actually stick on the wall to get more space-saving ideas and is actually better for reading as the light will be on you
But, at least by using this affordable storage concept, you won\'t stumble over the book when you get up. Credit: amazon.
Wardrobe organizer drawer partition 4 sets, color: North horse Amazon price: $59. 99 $15. 49 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 11, 2016)2.
If you have space under your bed, for example your bed is on a frame, then getting the container that fits below will be the best way to handle what you usually put in your dresser.
In a very small bedroom, there is no room for a dresser or even a chair.
So, what\'s in your dresser underwear socks? These can all be placed in portable drawers/containers that can easily slide under the bed and be organized in order to be more especially the first thing
If your mattress is currently sitting directly on the floor, then try to find it in your budget and at least buy a metal or wooden bed rack to lift your mattress and thus give you enough.
You can buy bed racks from thrift stores at fairly cheap prices.
Or, if your budget allows, consider putting your mattress and yourself on a suitable wooden bed stand with a headboard.
Not only will you have a room under the bed, but now there will be a bookcase on your headboard that will hold your alarm clock, books, or even a light, which will take up very little space. Credit: amazon.
The price of the bookcase bedside table, Full/Queen, Carolina Oak FinishAmazon is $229. 00 $98. 28 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 11, 2016)3.
The bookcase headboard these are not too deep, so sometimes it only takes up about 1 feet of the space between the mattress and the wall.
But you can put a lot of things in this space, such as books;
Write down almost everything you might need on the bedside table.
You can also buy it online or in thrift stores.
When you can buy a regular headboard with shelves and some storage space for your little spaceCredit: Amazon, why buy a regular headboard.
Shelf Amazon Mantel Price: $57. 20 $39. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 11, 2016)4.
Corner shelves can be in another direction as the corners don\'t get as much use as possible.
You can also buy corner units online or open shelves designed for corners.
These occupy a small amount of space.
As shown in the picture, you can put them in every corner, show your photos, or use them as a place to store music and other items.
The furniture is not on the floor, so it does not take up floor space like other furniture.
In a small bedroom you need to take advantage of all the space to make the most of the room and leave what is important to you in the room.
The corner of the room is often the most overlooked area.
You can get larger corner units and even corner tables as per your needs.
So don\'t forget the corners when designing your small bedroom layout.
I love these decorative shelves and the fact that they really don\'t take up much space and are affordable.
When you throw away the dresser, you lose the space on the dresser to display things or jewelry, and that\'s where these shelves come in handy. Credit: amazon. comPro-Mart DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-
WhiteAmazon Price: $12. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 11, 2016)5.
This is the cheapest option for you to store anything in your bedroom that you need not too big.
This will fit the door or closet door of your room.
You can actually buy a few of these for each door.
You can use one as underwear and the other for jewelry or anything you need.
You can also design these into shoes.
Browse through your stuff and just keep what you need to make these hanging storage bags easy to use and you will enjoy your little space. Credit: amazon.
ComSouth Shore Trinity platform bed with drawer, pure black Amazon price: $194. 99 $125. 63 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 11, 2016)6.
The bed rack with built-in drawers is the route we took when we moved to small spaces.
We think the investment is worth it because these drawers are big and you can fill them up with almost everything.
We don\'t have a room with a dresser so I have one side and my husband has the other side.
They are also very deep.
One of the extra benefits of having drawers under the bed is that now you don\'t have to clean under the bed, or go and look for the wayward shoes that always seem to enter the deepest and darkest places under the bed.
If the room is small then the bed will be the main focus.
If you eliminate the dresser and coffee table then you will get some space.
Really tidy up your stuff, decide what to stay in this room and walk from there.
Look vertical, use the space above the floor, such as the bed headboard bookcase, and even install the shelf on the bed.
If you have to lean the bed against the wall, you can install the shelf with that wall.
Take advantage of the space behind the room door and wardrobe door, with storage space above the door.
The furniture is limited and the room is kept to a minimum and the small space does not look messy.
I hope the above ideas can give you some inspiration for creating a warm and warm little bedroom.
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