how to modernize an antique floor lamp

by:Merttace     2020-04-07
Disclaimer This project is an interesting revamp of the old lights, but need to make sure the wires are safe throughout the process, so replacing the wires is the best way.
Always make sure to unplug the lights while working as this will eliminate any danger.
Let\'s take a look at StartedI needs a floor lamp that looks nice and unique, but I can\'t afford the \"new\" floor lamp model I want.
So, I searched the shops and antique shops near my house.
I found a version from 1940 to 1950 that has a solid foundation and needs to be updated in a modern way to bring it into the year 00 s.
I bought this wreck for $40.
What I bought at the hardware store was about $10.
For a small fee and time, I will show you how I turned the rusty old floor lamp into a more modern one.
I put together all the projects needed to start and end this project.
Went to the hardware store and I bought all the necessary things to start working.
Items needed to complete this project can be purchased at any of your big box hardware stores.
I personally like men very much.
LampCord setElectrical tapeWire connectorsBasic tool setScrewdriverWire cutterWire stripperperswissrazor bladeCamera do you have apartDrop clothPainters tapePaint (
Paint with primer)
Sandpaper 60 grit and 220 itsanding block 220 steel wool 3 light bulbs first make sure your light is not plugged into the socket while working.
Over the years, I cleaned up all the old dirt and dirt on the lights.
This light is from 1940 to 1950, so a lot of use and dirt needs to be removed.
Removed all the parts that were easy to take apart and covered the parts that I didn\'t want to paint with the painter\'s tape.
I then painted the base with metal paint with a new coat of paint to easily attach to the metal shaft.
After the paint is dry, you can continue to replace the old wire unit.
I suggest taking a picture of the light before you take it apart so that when you put it back together, you can keep the parts in the correct order.
Remove the globe and any lid before starting using the line group.
Put the lights on the ground so that it is easier to loosen the various parts of the lights.
Cut off the old plug so the old wire is easier to remove.
When the light becomes loose, pull each piece of the wire down from the inside.
I tried to place all the pieces in the order they were removed so that it would be easier to assemble when I needed to regroup.
When all the parts are removed, I then remove the socket screw at the top to remove the bottom of the socket to enter the last part of the old wire.
Then I pulled the new wire from the bottom through the various parts of the lamp all the way to the top
Insert each piece I removed before.
I split the new wire device that was pulled into the lamp into two different wires.
Then I picked up the stripping pliers and removed the 1/8 inch insulation from the two wires.
Inside the socket base is the wire connector I removed to remove the old wire from each set of wires.
I tighten the new wire with the other wires in that connector and reconnect the connector.
Now I am ready to replace the socket base and screws.
When I adjusted the wire in the lamp, I connected the top socket to the bottom of the lamp again.
Then, in order to complete the project, I replaced all the final lights.
I replaced the bulb, the lid and the globe.
I then plugged the light in, turned it on, and enjoyed all the new light it brought with a stylish, clean, modern appeal.
So simple!
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