how to make your home look expensive with only $100 at ikea

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Because our eyes are naturally high by thoseend pieces (
Call it the privilege of the girl)
We have to master the art of making luxurious looks for fewer people
These decorative formulas always look expensive, for example.
The secret of decorating like a millionaire and not spending like a millionaire is the mix of high and low, and we have a brand each time to perform the fusion of fashion: Ikea.
This popular Scandinavian brand is loved by interior designers and home decorators and is filled with regrets
Free to find makecheap looks stylish
This is what we often buy.
So in the true spirit of making our frugal sister\'s home look stylish, we compiled Ikea\'s top-notch finds to upgrade every room of the house for just $100 (or less).
Scroll through our options and be prepared to upgrade your family without affecting your savings account.
As a hero of the family, your kitchen should get a little upgrade.
While some of our Ikea suggestions are aesthetically pleasing, they are largely for functional purposes.
Who doesn\'t want wooden kitchen carts?
Your dinner guests will also like it.
Port Ikea port handle ($12)
Whether you want to make your rental look expensive or want some tired cabinets to look like new, a simple hardware switch --
Out is the perfect solution.
These modern black handles will lift any pantry in an instant.
Ikea Hyllis shelf unit ($15)
If there is a shortage of storage space in your kitchen, please add this convenient and stylish shelf unit.
It is ideal for storing common cooking ingredients such as spices, oils and condiments.
Ikea Rimforsa hook, 4 packs ($3)
Hooks are a valuable part of any kitchen.
If you don\'t, then hang these on you for $2.
Their simple modern design looks good anywhere, but they are perfect for storing your kitchenware.
Especially when everything in the kitchen drawer is full.
Ikea Grundtal magnetic tool holder ($16)
Always looking for a safe place to store your knife?
Why not show it?
This chic magnetic knife holder looks great and offers Super
Practical purpose.
Kitchen cart (IKEA)$60)
This solid wood kitchen cart meets your daily needs.
The handy wheel allows you to move it anywhere.
Use it as an extra storage space, sideboard or convenient service station when guests come over.
Total cost: $106 (
Just over $100 in budget, but hardware is worth it. )
The living room is where we relax, relax and indulge, so it should get more luxury to help you get into the state of your dreams.
Ikea put this fantasy into practice without affecting the budget.
Lack of wall frame Ikea ($8)
Your living room reflects who you are and what you like, so be sure it\'s on display when guests come to check in.
This simple shelf style allows your personal items to glow and heat without being taken over.
Chic, not to mention affordable.
Ikea Lövbacken side table ($60)
A side table is required for each living room.
This gorgeous medieval version offers you stylish service.
When it\'s not holding your drink or coffee table book, it looks really good to sit in a nice place.
Floor lamp ($25)
When you relax on the sofa, the last thing you need is a harsh fluorescent lamp on your face.
The gentle light of this elegant floor lamp will bring a calm state to any living space.
Total cost: $93, the restaurant should make every meal feel special whether you are expecting guests or enjoying your own company.
You don\'t have to pay for it either.
Just a few simple style adjustments can make a difference.
Ikea Melodi chandelier ($10)
Just tap the switch and the chandelier will lift up any table, which will only cost you $10.
Simple design makes a fuss
Free, stylish.
Who can refuse?
Stools (Ikea)$15)
If you can\'t afford expensive dining room chairs, sprinkle a few on these cheap stools.
They are very stylish and perfect for both adults and children.
Ikea Rens sheepskin carpet ($30)
To give your restaurant some warmth, throw a stylish sheepskin rug on it --
There are all the fashionable girls.
Ikea Gradvis vase ($6)
Add finishing touches with vases and individual vasesstem flower.
Pick fresh from the garden outside and bring some nature in.
Welcome this season in fashion.
Ikea Rox woven carpet ($25)
Your Restaurant (
No room for that matter)
No running is complete.
This stylish apartment
Weave pick is the perfect accompaniment to any side of the table.
It is stylish and durable enough to handle all the walking trafficand any spills.
Total cost: $86 bathroom is most of the time you rush to yourself from morning before work
A relaxing beauty care program every night.
Even if your restroom is small, these handy Ikea products will make it look bigger and add some more --needed updates.
Ikea Ekoln soap ($4)
Don\'t put soap aside to collect scum.
Make sure you keep it clean for $4 away from dirt.
IKEA Fryken box, 3 covers ($13)
Store all your beauty products, hand towels and spare accessories in these stylish baskets.
They look fashionable and no one will know your obsession with hoarding.
Ikea mirror with shelf ($10)
It is essential to upgrade your mirror.
Although they are usually expensive, it will only cost you $10 and even come with a shelf.
Ikea Kalkgrund glass shelf ($15)
Do you need a place for all these shower gel and beauty bottles?
This shelf stores them and looks beautiful at the same time.
Ikea ragrround chair with towel rack ($50)
This chair is needed in every bathroom.
It doesn\'t look like Ikea and holds your towels. Genius.
Ikea Toftbo bathroom ($10)
Last but not least, make sure you have a plush bath pad in your bathroom.
Nothing is more luxurious than coming out of the shower and standing on a soft mat.
Total cost: $102 (
If you want to keep the soap strictly under $100, you can put it back in place. )
Your main boudoir is the main activity-
That\'s the house.
Create a stylish cocoon and retire every night after a long and hard working day, which is exactly what doctors order.
Turning your bedroom into a whimsical space will only bring the sweetest dreams.
We all need this sleep now.
Ikea Krusning chandelier lampshade ($20)
Only when you set the right mood can a utopian sleeping room be achieved.
This ethereal lampshade will bring an extraordinary element to your bedroom and dial the charm.
Ikea Mingde mirror ($13)
One for each bedroom.
This unlimited-style long mirror costs just $10.
Who can argue with this price?
Ikea Lismari throw ($20)
Use this texture throw to amplify the comfort factor.
Put it at the end of the bed, with a hint of indifference to the messy bed we all crave.
Ikea Ofelia Vass duvet and pillowcase ($40)
Do you know that when you fall down on the cover of the freshly washed linen, do you have that utopian feeling? It\'s addictive.
Make sure your sheets are fresh and sleep well
Worth it and invest in a new set.
This will not bankrupt the bank.
Storage box under IKEA Gimse bed ($10)
It may not be the most beautiful work in your room, but it doesn\'t matter either, as it is usually hidden. This under-
The bed storage box is the perfect choice to keep the bedroom Zen.
Take away the clutter and clear your mind.
It\'s a first impression of your home, so it\'s worth upgrading, right?
The entrance is the place to show your favorite items and set the tone for the rest of the space.
So it\'s time to make it meaningful.
No need to spend a lot of money;
In fact, most of it can be reused from the emotional clips you already have, but we found two Ikea items that will get you into Insta-worthy.
Ikea lachden lampshade ($30)
This gorgeous chandelier gives your guests the right light to come in from the outside.
It is soft and bright with a stylish modern flavor.
Ikea Norraker bench ($69)
A bench is required for each entry, and the style and use of this table is just right.
Total cost: $99. Second: 42 stylish Ikea items that look expensive but cost less than $100.
The article was originally published in November 12, 2016 and has been updated since then.
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