How to Make a Stunning Bespoke Reading Lamp

by:Merttace     2020-04-22
I bought this country desk lamp in Mexico a few years ago.
Simple and amazing.
It sits beautifully in our living room, next to a reading chair, always the main point to talk to visitors.
More and more designers and manufacturers use household and industrial goods to make lamps and lanterns.
But when I want to buy a similar lamp to compliment our Mexican lights, how expensive am I to be made by these custom items, without special imagination and without a good way to make them
So I decided to start designing my own, the instructions below.
It takes some work to collect materials and organize materials.
I think it will cost about 50.
But it is worth mentioning that in a store, if there is something like that, you will get a reward of 100 and you will be very satisfied with making amazing items yourself.
There is no doubt that Edison light bulb (
Also known as light bulb)
It is the best choice for creating a rustic and antique atmosphere in the market.
You can look at the Edison bulb without hurting your eyes.
They are more expensive and more expensive to run than the new compact fluorescent lamps, but they are the design features in themselves.
Edison light bulb will be the focus of my country reading lamp.
The design is centered on a pile of 5 old books, fixed on the oak base (Can be any Wood)
, Through which an oak pin with a metal hook is placed.
Here are the materials you need: 20161. s1.
Lamp holder: ordinary screw, half inch, Edison thread base; 2.
Wire: 3 core light flexible woven double insulation, 5mm square width, 3 amp and 300 v-
Buy 3 m; 3.
Light switches and plugs: plastic for 3-core wires; and,4.
Edison bulb: I prefer the large round bulb in the middle of the photo in step 1. Oak (wood)
Base: say 20 cms × 30 cms × 2 cms; 6. Oak (wood)Dowel : 1.
The width is 8 cms and the minimum value of the length is 30 cms-
I purchased 50 cms so I can decide the actual length on site; 7.
Corner support: x 2 to ensure the pin base; 8.
Hook: I purchased a small basket hook made of black cast iron; 9.
Old book: five books at most.
These will support the main decoration of piles and forms; and10.
Finish: used for pin top
Can be purchased online with dowel\'s suppliers.
It\'s a bit time consuming to purchase and collect materials, but it\'s direct. Trywww. lamps&lights. co.
Electrical equipment.
These books are from a local bookstore.
Choosing a book on a particularly interesting topic adds another twist to the personalized finished product.
I found the oak pile on www. railwaysleeper. co. uk.
The base and finish on the pile can be obtained from any decent timber merchant who should provide services to cut the size and shape of the base according to your wishes.
Or you can do it yourself. Stain the oak (wood)
In the desired color. . . .
I prefer the dark stains shown in the photos to create a quaint atmosphere.
When using the instructions below, study the design illustration in step 2. Instructions1.
In the book, which will be located at the bottom of a pile of books and glued to the base, cut a 2 cms channel for the lamp, as shown in the attached figure.
This will allow the lamp line to exit from the bottom of the stack once the pins are fixed in the stack. 2.
Collect Books and place them at one end of the base.
Mark the bottom of the book to be placed. 3.
Glue the covers of all books together to form a single object. Allow to dry. 4.
Once the books are solid and reliable, replace the exact seat and mark where Oak pins are placed on the top. 5.
Cut a 2 cms hole in the book
Pins and wires will be placed in it.
Reposition the book to the exact seat to mark the hole. 6.
Determine the height of the lamp and cut the pin accordingly.
I recommend 30 cms for security purposes, but certainly no more than 40.
The hook holder is then screwed to the top of the pin and the wooden finish is glued to the top of the pin. 7.
Use the marked hole on the base, fix the oak pin on the base, twist the two support brackets on the opposite side of the pin to the end of the seat, so that the pin will be vertical to the right
To the tilt position of the base. 8.
By wrapping the light line around the hook and pin, connect the light line to the hook and pin.
Leave about 15 cms wires at the Hook end so that the lamp holder can be connected.
The remaining wires will be used to connect the on/off switch and plug, so don\'t cut the wires until you know where the final desk lamp is located with the wall plug socket. 9.
Place the holes in the book on the stake, push the book onto the base, covering the support stand and glue.
Keep in mind that the book with the wire outlet channel needs to be located at the bottom of a pile of books and stick to the bottom and the channel is located at the back. 10.
Wire the wire at the end of the hook to the length of the suspension required by the Edison bulb, and then attach the lamp holder to the wire.
I recommend that the bulb hang at least 15 cms above the base and stay away from the books at a similar distance. 11.
Connect the on/off switch to the wire of about 30 cms and exit the book from there.
Then finally add the plug to the end of the wire for connection.
Then, the reading light is ready!
I can\'t produce this lamp yet. . .
As it will be part of the final project, which will be completed by the end of April 2016.
Once I do this, I will update this post with results.
During this time, I would be very interested if someone got there first than I did.
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