how to: if you\'ve run out of shaving cream, give these 10 household items a try

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
It\'s just a temporary annoyance to run out of the shower essentials, but when it\'s an empty can of shaving cream or gel, the situation always seems to be worse.
Of course, you can do a dry shave or use with any liquid toiletries in your hands, but if you want a really smooth shave without irritation, you\'ll want to try the following alternative
Some of them may even be better than your Barbasol or Skintimate.
Next time, try signing up for a subscription like the $ shave club to make sure there\'s always fresh razor and shaving cream around you. 1.
Baby oil (
Is pure gutter oil)
Let you see your skin better while shaving, reducing the chances of scratches, wounds, razor bumps and other skin irritation.
In addition, its smooth nature helps the razor to work smoothly.
Just make sure to use only a few drops.
If you do too much, your razor can be blown up.
You can also rely on other types of oil at a critical moment.
Varieties like coconut oil, olive oil, and even avocado oil can make shaving simple, smooth, and painful --free.
As an extra skin bonus, oil can keep your skin soft after use and even help with skin problems such as psoriasis. 2.
If you don\'t have shaving cream when you take a shower, conditioner is the second best option.
Rich skin conditioner-
Beneficial ingredients, designed to replenish water, thus help to provide a smooth surface on the skin and soften the hair.
It works as well as the shaving cream to make your skin feel softer than usual.
No conditioner?
Your shampoo is also a very good solution, and the shaving time is particularly good.
Shampoo can make your skin and face cleaner and shave easier. 3.
Shea butter may rely on shea butter as your after-sales serviceshower or post-
Shaving moisturizer, but it can also help you shave your hair smoothly.
The shea butter used instead of the shaving cream makes the razor\'s blade remove the hair more smoothly, allowing it to shave very closely.
As an extra bonus, you don\'t have to apply any lotion when you\'re done. 4.
Everyone has soap at home (right? )
So, go get a bar when you need to shave.
It will do the job, just without any benefits of smoothness or moisturizing.
Just make sure to apply foam to your skin to form a sudsy surface on your skin, otherwise you may suffer some painful razor burns later and clog the blade. 5.
Is there any raw honey in your kitchen?
Take it out and bring it to the bathroom as it is a great moisturizer and shaving agent.
While applying and sticking is confusing everywhere, it provides the smooth protection you need when you take the razor to your skin.
If the honey is too thick or sticky, add a little water and become a good replacement for the shaving cream.
However, be sure to rinse the blade clean before storing it! 6.
Peanut butter this sandwich filling is thick and creamy, making it the perfect choice to apply on the skin when shaving.
It will be confusing in the process and will require a lot of razor cleaning, but the result may make it worth it.
After the peanut butter is washed away, it will leave a soft, moist skin.
Just make sure you don\'t use this clunky stuff.
If you don\'t have peanut butter on hand, feel free to take any other nut butter, such as almond butter. These nut-
Smooth texture based on \"cream\" helps moisturize and prevent razor burns. 7.
Aloe vera can relieve the pain of sunburn and is also a good way to prevent and treat razor burns.
It creates the same consistency as the regular shaving gel and does not cause confusion or damage to the shaver.
Anyway, if you end up with a razor burn, the cooling function of aloe vera will stop you from itching and scratching!
You can use it directly from the factory or you can use the store directly-bought gel. 8.
Body Lotion does not have to stay outside the shower-
Like conditioner, shea butter and other known skin moisturizers, the lotion you usually apply after shaving can be doubled as a shaving cream when needed.
This is an ideal consistency that provides a smooth barrier between the blade and the skin.
However, be careful when applying lotion before shaving.
If you apply the lotion too effectively to the skin, your body will soak it and you end up getting almost dry. 9.
Finally, there is also a soap that can help you with the pain --
Shave for free when you\'re craving a replacement: dishwashing soap.
Bring your kitchen soap into the bathroom and you will find that this soap foam is good and will allow you to get a thinner foam shaving cream.
It is not as good at preventing irritation as other options, but it is up to the job if you desire hairfree day. 10.
Sometimes the best replacement for shaving cream will be a combination of different ingredients.
This guy, for example, swears with homemade aloe vera and coconut oil shaving gel.
So feel free to mix and match the ingredients above to find your perfect recipe.
Are there any other suggestions for Shaving cream alternatives?
Share your tips or recipes below.
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