how to identify crystal glassware bowls

by:Merttace     2020-05-12
Most people define crystals as fine glassware. -
However, although the glass and crystal look similar, they cannot be exchanged because they contain different materials.
Glass is mainly made of soda, silicone and lime mixture and feels heavier than fine crystals.
The crystals also contain soda and silica, but also lead oxide and other materials that affect their composition and quality.
Crystal Bowl has greater resale value than ordinary glass bowl-
Especially when they are antique.
Bowls with thick edges and overall thickness are mainly made of glass unless the bowl has a cut surface. Crystal --
Because it contains lead-a lower temperature is required, which gives the craftsman more time to process the material.
Because of this, the Crystal Bowl is usually not as thick as the glass bowl.
But thinner materials make it easier for crystals to break.
Although the Crystal Bowl may be thinner than the glass bowl of the same size, the lead content will make it feel heavier.
One of the easiest ways to identify a crystal is to keep it in the light.
The lead in the crystal brings more refraction quality to these exquisite bowls-
The higher the lead content, the more crystals flash in the sun.
The reason the crystal is used for chandeliers is because the cut crystal projects the color and light of the rainbow around the room.
When you lift the glassware bowl to light, the glass will have a more cloudy or opaque look.
True crystal bowls, cut with design or not, have no seams, and glass bowls are usually done as they are usually made with molds.
Put the bowl flat in the center of the palm of your hand so that nothing else can touch it.
Circle the middle finger with your thumb and flick the edge of the bowl.
Pay attention to the sound when you flick the glass.
You might ping a little, but in general the sound stops, or more like a bang.
When you ping the crystal-
Be careful not to break it-
It resonates with clear, pleasant notes with continuous quality.
Wet your index finger and run around the edge with a slight pressure.
The Crystal will send out a note when you do, but the glass won\'t. Well-
Known crystal manufacturers usually mark the bottom of the bowl with their signature or company name. Mass-
Although the art glass bowl can have the artist\'s signature, the glass bowl made does not have these marks.
Look for etching or cutting decorative decorations on the crystal bowl, thanks to the time extended for the craftsman to make the bowl.
The real crystal is still a glass product but contains at least 24% lead.
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