How to \'Hygge Up\' Your Home Decor for Less

by:Merttace     2020-04-25
If you don\'t see some references about \"hygge\" these days, you won\'t be able to bring up your social media feed.
\"Danish terms ---
Pronounced \"hoo-gah\" --
Almost as common as pumpkin spices, there are applications from beauty and self-care to interior design.
So what is hygge? \"At its core, [hygge]
Kristy Woodson Harvey said in an email interview: \"his center is to embrace small moments in life and enjoy simplicity . \" He is the author and owner of design fashion.
In fact, Hygge\'s little book defines this trend as \"about atmosphere and experience, not about things \".
\"When you are surrounded by loved ones, when you are safe, you get this feeling when you feel at home (
Whether you are really in your house or not). [
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This \"home\" feeling is such a big trend for hygge in interior design, and certain features, textures and colors create a comfortable, warm and calm space for hygge calls.
However, in order to achieve hygge, you do not need to make your home a tribute to Scandinavia.
In fact, if you already feel comfortable, warm and loved while you are there, you may not have to change your space.
If your home is more stress than stress
Once again, guiding hygge\'s spirit into your space can help you transform the space into something that adds value to your life.
\"Any room that deliberately slows you down, disconnects you and stays comfortable will be the one you have considered Hygge, los Angeles interior designer Mark Cutler said in an email.
On the eve of a busy holiday season, you and your family need a calm, safe space to stay grounded.
Here\'s how to bring hygge into your homepowered budget.
Clean up the clutter.
\"The concept of being and having happiness --
Without finishing for the first time, it is impossible to have a comfortable lighting space, \"Ben Soreff, a professional organizer in Fairfield County, Connecticut, said in an email interview.
\"People feel anxious when they can\'t control it, so if your space is cluttered, candles and soft pillows won\'t help.
\"The source of your stress may be the lack of organization, and too many things can disrupt your personal space.
The first step to getting hygge into your home is to remove something that no longer serves you.
The less you have, the less you have to store, organize, and clean up.
More importantly, the less you buy, the less money you spend. [
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Let the light come in.
\"The most obvious way to get hygge [feeling]in]
\"Home decor is decorated with candles,\" Lucie Ayres, founder of 22 interior design companies in Los Angeles, said in an email interview.
No matter whether there is a fragrance or not, the candlelight is to arouse the mood in the room.
\"Candles can be cheap as long as you know where to shop.
Furniture home decoration shop can be high-
The price is reasonable, so it\'s better to get your favorite scent from retailers including Ross, T. J.
Maxx and household items.
You can often find Yankee candles and other names.
Brand candles in these stores are less than $10.
Bath & Body Works is a popular destination for candles and home fragrances, and regular sales and coupons help reduce costs.
To create a comfortable space, Cutler recommends reducing the light on the top of the head.
\"The lights will be softer and calmer,\" he asserted . \"
Cutler advises Ikea to provide low-priced lighting, including a table lamp starting at $9. 99.
Other stores offering affordable lighting include Target, which offers a variety of desk lamp styles for $30 or less.
Comfortable environment.
Texture plays an important role in the feeling that space gives you.
\"Thick textiles, perhaps carpets, wool curtains, and chenille interiors, will all help to create a much more enclosed space,\" says Cutler . \".
He suggested West Elm as a source for cheap wool pillows, soft pillows and other textures --Abundant household goods.
Home line Project 62 at Target features modern home decor with pillows, blankets and other decorative items that cost less than $20.
\"One of the products I have always recommended is sheepskin (real or faux)
\"Carpet,\" Sara Chiarilli, owner of an interior design company in Tampa, said in an email. \"[They\'re]
The first thing in the morning is the easy way to make your feet happy.
\"Chiarilli recommends that Ikea provide cheap faux and real sheepskin rugs, while H & M Home and Zara Home are also good channels for carpets and blankets at reasonable prices. [
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Surround yourself with love.
\"It is very important to keep the frontier and center of the heritage, so adding family photos and meaningful works is inherent,\" Chiarilli said . \".
This may be a frame image of your favorite biography heir, or your family, friends, and favorite experiences.
\"The main thing to keep in mind is that it\'s different for everyone because it\'s centered on the comfort of the user,\" Chiarilli said . \".
In addition to making you think of images or objects of your loved ones and good times, simply being present and interacting with people is in the spirit of hygge.
\"The happiness you need to find is to turn off the screen and look people in the eyes at the party,\" Soreff said . \".
You can\'t be cheaper than this.
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