how to fix car dents: 8 easy ways to remove dents yourself without ruining the paint

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
There are only three things in life that are certain: Death, taxes and dents on cars or trucks.
Even if you\'re as careful as you can, you can\'t always throw out the out-of-control cart, the wrong throw football, out-of-
No lights and other real posts anywhereLife troubles.
No matter what your dent or ding is, there\'s no doubt how the next thing in your mind is getting rid of it.
Of course, you can take it to a repair shop or a friendly nearby mechanic to fix it, but their price quote can be incredible, especially if they want to remove paint or use body fillers first.
That small dent costs $200? !
I don\'t think so.
Instead, leave yourself some hard
Earn money and do it yourself.
There are a lot of ways to get a small dent or Ding point from the vehicle at home without destroying your paint, and you don\'t need to be a gear head to do that.
Not all of these tricks, however, apply to your particular car;
Depending on the location of the Dent and the composition of the body panel, hood or bumper, your mileage may vary (
Aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, fiberglass, steel, etc. ).
Aluminum, for example, has little memory properties, so it is much more difficult to remove the pain-free dents.
Method 1: Using the piston can not only clear the drain pipe with the piston, but also remove the smallto medium-
Your car also has dents of the size.
Just pour some water on the piston and Dent and start pushing and pulling until it pops up.
Ensure Cup piston is used (for sinks)
Not flange (for toilets).
Method 2: using boiling water to reverse an object is one of the easiest ways to get a dent.
So for the plastic bumper, even if you try to remove the bumper, it\'s hard to push out the dent due to how hard the plastic is.
Solve the problem by boiling some water in the pan and throwing it in the Dent.
Once you pour the water, reach out to the back of the bumper and try to bounce the Dent back.
Due to the heat of the water, the plastic should be more flexible and easier to put back in place.
Because the heat does not last for a long time, you have to work quickly.
If the dent is not completely extinguished, continue to pour boiling water into it before you pop all the way.
Method 3: Use hair dryer and compressed air. Another popular way to remove car dents from plastic materials is to use two popular household products: hair dryers and compressed air.
First heat the car dent with a hair dryer at the highest temperature, which will expand the plastic of the car.
Once the weather is hot enough, grab the jar of compressed air, turn it upside down and start spraying the same area.
Since the cold air will shrink the plastic, the Dent will pop up.
Method 4: use dry ice, which is mainly used as a coolant, and dry ice can be used to remove small dents from your car.
As long as you wear protective gloves, hold down a piece of dry ice on the Dent and rub it until you hear the dent bounce back into place.
Apply dry ice multiple times as needed, but if the dent is not too deep, dry ice will eventually pop up.
You can also heat the dent with something like a hair dryer (
Hair dryer and compressed air tip similar to above)
Then apply dry ice to it.
Method 5: using a vacuum cleaner and vacuuming is a way to remove dents, but the problem is to find dents with the right power to pull pul.
Why not create it yourself?
All you need is a pot (or bucket)
A vacuum cleaner and some tape, you can get that dent out of the car right away.
Just make a small hole under the jar, tie the jar around the dent, place the vacuum cleaner hose on the hole under the jar, and open the vacuum.
If the dent is not too shallow, the suction generated should pop up your Dent.
Method 6: Use hot glue, wooden pins and ironing boards when you try to remove the dents yourself, you always risk the possibility of further damage to your car, whether you make the dent worse or you break the paint.
A safe method is to use several wood pins, several screws and a hot glue gun to eliminate the large dents on the car.
Just put two nails into each side of the pin and put the hot glue on the bottom.
Glue the pin-
At the side of the area around the dent, repeat multiple times as needed to cover the area, let them dry, and then pull each out until the dent disappears.
Place and pull the same pins in several different places on the dent until most of them come out.
Make sure you have enough glue and patience if you are going to try this.
Use alcohol or hot friction to separate the glue from the car.
Method 7: use a long metal stick & when there is a dent in your car, the metal not only moves inward, but the surrounding edges of the Dent also move upwards, like a small volcano.
This means that a dent pop up from below is not the way to go.
George Joka, a master of paint-free dents (PDR)
Technician, fix the dent by working on both sides of the dent.
By using the combination of a long metal rod below and a knock-down or tap tool (
Wooden or rubber)
From the top, he can take out the dents of the car.
Boy, is this useful?
Method 8: use professional tools if you are not successful on either of the above methods, you can also try to pop-up-a-
Dent, or suction cup dent removal tool.
Which way is best for you?
If you are willing to try anything and don\'t have a lot of tools at home, take a dent removal kit that contains tools created specifically using many of the above methods to remove car dents.
Have you tried these methods or have you ended up biting your teeth and hiring a car repair shop to work for you?
If you use a different DIY method to remove dents and dents on your vehicle, make sure to let us know below!
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