How to Fix a Table Lamp That Flickers

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
The desk lamp itself is a fairly simple electronic device.There are plugs, wires, sockets and bulbs.If any of these items are damaged, the bulb flashes.But other aspects of the flashing bulb may have nothing to do with the Circuit of the desk lamp itself.You must isolate the reason before fixing the flashing.Change a new light bulb.A flashing bulb may mean a failure in the electronic part of the bulb itself.Replace the old bulb with the new bulb and the flashing may stop.Check the socket inserted by the lamp.The socket may be bad, and incorrect contact with the electrical pin may cause the light to flash.Plug the lights into several different outlets and test the lights.If the flash stops, the socket is the culprit.Check the socket on the lamp.Unplug the light from the socket and remove the socket cover.The socket is brass on most desk lampscolored.The \"press\" button is printed on the side of the socket.Once pressed, the top of the socket will fall off.When the top of the socket is removed, the wires and electrical columns will be visible.Tighten the column screws with a screwdriver.Make sure they are firm.Push the top of the socket back to the bottom half.Plug in the light and turn it on.If the wires are loose, tighten them to solve the problem.Pick up the light when turning on the light and move it from one side to the other while extending the wire.The plug may be broken if the light flashes.Unplug the light and replace the plug.Cut the place where the wire is joined with the plug with the wire cutting machine.Replace the original plug with snapon lamp plug.The pins are pushed together and the top falls off the main body.The insulated wire in good condition is inserted into the channel close to the tip.The spires are pushed back to the main body, the metal spires on the spires pierce the insulation on the wires, while sealing the top and bottom together, with a valid electrical connection inside the plug.
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