how to decorate a living room with brown and burgundy

by:Merttace     2020-04-11
With rich colors and warmth, Burgundy and brown are the perfect choice for creating a warm living room.
Brown describes the umbrella color formed by the mixture;
It includes light and dark, cold and warm tones.
Burgundy is a deep red associated with wine.
Start with the big color area--
Walls, floors, sofas-
Create a warm and unique room that blends all kinds of Brown with Burgundy.
Brown is paired with a large amount of white cream, vanilla or beige-a light and neutral background for a deeper brown or Burgundy style furniture.
Use pale colors on the walls to balance the dark elements of the room, such as darkness
Paved floor, red sofa in burgundy or brown upholstered furniture.
The pale walls lay the foundation for the chocolate sofa to match the antique brown or oxblood red leather recliner.
The walls are light brown, creating diversity by assembling a from shallow to deep on fabrics, floors and furniture.
Provide contrast and interest using burgundy.
For example, use a burgundy print in an interior decoration, or as a decorative accent, such as a pipe on a camel --
Color recliner.
For light-colored walls, choose dark paint or finished wood products to highlight the building features, or keep it simple and paint the wood products in a smooth wall color.
Use unexpected contrast colors in accessories.
Use burgundy on a pillow or throw, soft rat Lee Green as a coordinated accent color.
Use shades such as orange and gold (
Next to the red color wheel)
Active crimson sofa tones. Light-
Dark walls
Very good floor.
The carpet, featuring Burgundy and Brown, repeats the theme color and adds texture.
Carpet patterns help build a traditional or modern style of the room.
If you\'re tired of the pale walls, try using kraft paper
Medium-color brown walls
Brown background.
This flexible color pair is very attractive with a dark or light brown color.
Attention was drawn to the building details and a clear finish was added to the neutral brown walls.
Balance the medium with dark finished wood floortoned walls;
Use pale shades of wall color to get rich carpet tones.
Brown kraft paper is slightly gray and is a cool shade of brown, perfectly complementing the warmth of burgundy on the sofa.
Instantly turn the living room into an elegant and unforgettable environment.
You can also guarantee the color by painting the wood products burgundy, or use the white wood products to highlight the decoration.
Be careful to ease the deep and strong colors with lighter, brighter shades to prevent it from becoming depressed.
The metallic golden shimmer is added or woven into the fabric in the wallpaper pattern.
Use light floor finish or light floor
Color carpet or carpet used to enhance the spirit of the room. Use gold-
Tone frame with light
Colored cushions on the wall.
The warm burgundy background enriches the furniture in various brown shades from beige to chocolate.
Repeat the red wall tones in the accessories to help unify the space.
It\'s a bit bold to paint your walls into chocolate brown, but it\'s also pretty bold.
This rich color, although dark, is not cold and threatening.
In fact, dark brown gives a sense of security and fashion.
However, it will be close to your space, so before using this striking color, consider the light source in the room, both natural and artificial.
Light beige linen sofa with cocoa
Color recliner.
Add a pair of burgundy\'s red leather husky socks with burgundy\'s red and beige pillows.
Balance dark neutral walls with medium and light brown furniture.
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