How to Choose Floor Lamps For Your Living Room

by:Merttace     2019-11-18
Did you know that a basic floor lamp model can cost $50, while a more stylish model can cost $1000?
In fact, some Art Deco or Tiffany models are between $1000 and $1 million!
So if you\'re planning to invest in one of these products, it\'s always recommended that you go through the most popular options on the market first before picking.
A wide variety of floor lamp options are listed here, some common types of floor lamps, from traditional to modern, are usually more affordable than hard wired lamps, and floor lamps are still not cheap.
Very cheap style is easy to find (cheap-looking)
Not recommended.
For your investment, be sure to buy a lamp that looks great and works just as well in your home.
Follow these expert tips to select and use them at home.
Choose the right height.
The light of the floor lamp should drop in a useful way, not intrusive or obvious.
If you put a high one next to the sofa, the bright light from the light bulb below can be annoying and not at all conducive to socializing in a calm environment.
Ensure that the light of the lamp spreads well in the appropriate direction;
It would be helpful to choose a dress that is pleasing in color.
Pay attention to your best assets.
In addition to being a great task lighting option, do you know that a floor lamp can provide focused lighting?
Consider using a home accent that will appeal to your favorite, such as your favorite artwork or decor.
Choose a flattering style. From ultra-
From traditional to modern (
Thinking: tassel tone)
There are various designs for floor lamps.
Because they help \"define\" spaces in a big way like other lighting fixtures, choose a space that is well coordinated with your existing decor.
Some prominent trends today include: the medium term
Century modeling (
\"Candle Holder\" profile, curved base)
The brightly colored, matte transparent fabric provides you with the best convenience.
Look around your space: where do you find yourself hanging out most often?
If you read the newspaper in the chair every morning, put a floor lamp there.
If your child does homework in the restaurant, it may also make sense there.
Many even have coordinated desk lamps (
Or other fixtures)
You can choose from, so you can truly and efficiently layered your lighting.
Consider the switch.
Standard switch for including knob or zipper under shadow.
Some have 3-
Switch options, even dimming switches, allow you to adjust the brightness (
Ideal choice for mood setting! ).
Still, others have line switches or foot switches installed on the wires, which is convenient in some cases.
Energy saving with compact fluorescence.
Compact fluorescent bulbs can replace incandescent lamps in almost any fixture (
Although you may not be able to use 3-way switches).
If you are going to turn the lights on for a long time, it is definitely worth considering this energy saving effect.
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