how to: build a low-cost shoe rack using pvc pipes

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
In fact, I have a lot of shoes and putting them on the floor in the wardrobe can cause a lot of confusion and it is difficult to find the right shoes.
So, this simple and cool DIY shoe library is actually something I can benefit from.
This project should not be difficult to complete.
You can buy PVC pipes from your local hardware store or have them cut, or you can do them at home if you have a table saw.
You can also choose to buy concrete forming tubes, which may be cheaper and easier to cut.
Make sure your shoes have the right diameter as well.
6 to 8 inch diameter pipes for non-giants.
You can also use PVC instead of standard White for a more decorative look if you want.
Once you cut the PVC pipe into the quantity you need (
It depends on your shoe collection)
You can start sticking pieces together.
Gorilla Glue or PVC cement works best for this part.
You will want to start by sticking together a base that can be 3-
Depending on how much space you have in the room, 5 pieces wide.
Add a thick line of gorilla glue inside
Side of the PVC pipe and connect them together.
You can place a heavy item at the end of both sides and hold the pipe in place until the glue dries.
You can start stacking pipes when the base is finished.
You can simply repeat the same process as above and stick each set to the other until you are happy with the height.
Once it dries up, place storage wherever you think it is appropriate.
You can do this in various shapes and use pipes of different sizes to hold anything you want to store.
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