how to: beat the heat for cheap with these five diy sprinklers

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
What\'s better in summer than playing in the water?
Lying in the pool, the water ball fights and playing in the sprinkler helps us forget how bad it is outside in the 100 degree weather.
Sprinklers are particularly interesting, especially if you have children;
They jumped crazy.
Sprinklers can become quite expensive, but in order to crack down on this apparent act of betrayal, people have begun to build sprinklers with garbage at home.
To help you understand how to stay cooler better this summer, here are five DIY sprinklers made of recycled materials.
What is a better sprinkler than a plastic bottle?
In fact, everyone has one in his or her house.
An awesome DIY sprinkler was made with plastic bottles and some pens.
It is a very good idea to keep the pen in place using the pipe adhesive.
PVC pipes are sometimes better off having a larger sprinkler because they are more fun.
My Homespun thread made an awesome square sprinkler \"pad\" using a PVC pipe \".
It is the perfect size jump.
If I did, I would drill holes at different angles in the pipe so that the water would flow in all directions, not just up.
Sometimes the kids don\'t want to skip the sprinkler.
The children are imaginative. They are bored easily.
So they want something exciting.
Cunning sisters, expand on the basis of the PVC pipe concept --
NC made a sprinkler that was enough to ride a bicycle through.
There is no more active hula dance than this.
The PBJ story has turned an old and boring hula hoop into an exciting new sprinkler.
This is the smart way to bring a new life to old, unused toys.
I will do the same thing I mentioned in the first PVC pipe sprinkler.
While the last project is technically more than just a sprinkler, I feel like I need to include it because it\'s very awesome.
Eventhorizons turned some old PVC plumbing and pool noodles into a sprinkler park!
I know that if I were a child, I would go crazy because of playing this.
Hell, I \'d go crazy if I went to play now!
Do you have any good ideas for homemade DIY?
Sprinkler style?
Let me know below, or make your own tutorials for the whole MacGyverisms community to enjoy!
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