how to: 7 ways to make your own cold packs at home

by:Merttace     2020-05-05
Having a store-
The cold packaging bought when ready is the perfect solution for minor collisions, bruises, sprains and strain, but why spend money on bright blue when you can make it yourself at home
These homemade cold compress will reduce the same amount of pain in your skin, muscles and other injuries --
There may be no need to travel to the store.
You can even use some of them to keep your drink cool if you want! 1.
Use corn syrup or dish soap. The best part of the gel ice bag is its soft, flexible nature.
You can mold it to a problematic body part (or in pain)
It keeps its cold well.
But you don\'t need a blue gel.
Beads to finish the work
Corn syrup is also very effective.
Pour corn syrup into a plastic self-sealing bag and place it in the refrigerator.
The corn syrup will get very cold after a few hours, but will not freeze the solid, making it the perfect first aid drug.
If you don\'t have corn syrup on hand, the dishwashing soap is also effective. 2.
Using vodacanoxine can relieve pain like drinking vodka, as can homemade ice packs.
Alcohol changes the freezing point of the water, making it impossible to harden into a large piece of ice in a regular freezer.
So if you want a flexible cold first aid, combine water with vodka.
Pour the right amount of water and vodka into a sealed plastic bag and you will
Home of ice.
This mixture will keep it low and quickly cool your burn, muscle pain or sting bug bites. 3.
Put a bunch of spare change in your piggy bank with loose change?
Before you convert it into cash, consider putting it in the fridge for the next injury or pain.
The metal works fine keeping it cold, so when you need an ice bag in a hurry and don\'t want to \"spend\" a dime, throw the change in a fridge in a self-sealing bag, it will be in a few hours. 4.
Use the simplest solutionwater—
This is an obvious problem, but in order to make ice that is not a rock solid brick and is easier to form in nature, simply add salt to the mixture.
Salt changes the freezing temperature of the water so that your DIY ice bag becomes more muddy --like.
To make an ice bag, add two tablespoons of salt to each two glasses of water in a self-sealing bag and freeze for a few hours. 5.
Using diapers, water, and alcohol is as stupid as it sounds, diapers produce a lot of cold compression and are quite cheap (
Unless you don\'t have any children at home yet). Grab a (
Clean of course)
Diapers, 50-
Combination of alcohol and water.
The gel that the alcohol will maintain-
Just like the consistency after the diaper is frozen.
Roll very damp diapers into a tight small package and stick them in the fridge;
Wait for a few hours and then enjoy the soothing, calm cool.
The benefits are better than most ice packs: not only can you easily wrap it around your fingers or joints, but it won\'t leak.
After all, the amount of liquid in diapers is amazing. 6.
The use of sponges with water kitchen sponges is soft, soft and flexible in nature, making them ideal for DIY ice packs!
Run one under water until it is completely wet, then add it to the self-sealing bag and put it in the refrigerator. (
If you do not use the bag, it is very likely that your sponge will stick to the wall of your refrigerator. )
Although it becomes firm when you remove the sponge, it provides the cold temperature your skin needs when you are injured;
Remember not to force it to bend too much, otherwise it will break.
When you use it, it slowly returns to a soft state, and you can better form a cool for the pain.
If you want to try, you can try adding alcohol to the mixture in order to remove a more flexible sponge from the refrigerator. 7.
However, the use of rice grain water is not the only tool to achieve complete cool and cold when you are suffering from pain.
The rice is very good!
You just need to make your own rice ice bag (obviously)
Plastic bags that can be sealed (
Maybe even a bag sewn with fabric)Refrigerator.
If you ask me, it\'s much better than freezing peas in a bag.
Also, the rice is great in keeping the heat, so it can also be used as a DIY heating pad!
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