How many home lamps are produced by Merttace Lighting per year?
The yield of home lamps in Zhongshan Merttace Lighting Co.,Ltdis significant. We may expand the production according to market demand. Any orders over the minimum amount are obtained. The production will be scheduled to ensure the on-time delivery.

Merttace Lighting has decades of experience in manufacturing brass pendant light. We have been focusing on the development, design, and manufacture. pendant lamp is the main product of Merttace Lighting. It is diverse in variety. We uses the latest advanced technology in manufacturing Merttace modern lamps. It has a small temperature rise during work and requires less maintenance. The product has the potential to allow huge improvements and savings in terms of saving people's lives through increased efficiency and effectiveness. Its installation method can be designed as ceiling type, wall type, boom type, etc.

It is thought that Merttace will developed into a global number one modern lamps brand. Inquire now!
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