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Loft apartment in the heart of Munich for $5. 4 MILLION(4,995,000 euros)This two-
Story loft apartment in Alstadt district in the heart of Munich has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two terraces and a balcony. The 2,906-square-
The foot apartment is located in Alter Hof or Old Court, the area, under the leadership of King Ludwig IV, became the first fixed seat of the German Imperial government in the 14 th century.
The attic is located in a 2006 complex with 12 apartments and an elevator with a view of \"magic\", Arzu Ergül, a listing agent for Engel and VolX Minchen properties
\"It\'s in the city center, but you don\'t hear anything.
Very quiet and idyllic views on the terrace.
\"The house is two apartments together, so there are four entrances --
Two for each level.
The main entrance is located in a airy living room with designer sofas, recliner chairs and pillows, as well as a chandelier for Bocci. (
Furniture is included in the asking price. )
The entire floor is covered with oak parquet floors or tiles.
The living room opens to a terrace with leisure facilities.
There are two bedrooms on the right side of the main entrance, a shared bathroom and a utility room with a wine refrigerator.
Outside the living room is a custom kitchen for the dining area and Bulthaup with stainless steel counters and appliances for Gaggenau, Miele and Novy, as well as an iron plate grill.
Black aluminum in the restaurantlacquered, wax-
Polished table and black aluminum gold
Chandelier from Stchu-Moon.
Dining room opens to a terrace with stairs to the lounge with built-in-
At the bar and table made by German woodworking studio Eham.
The stairs in the living room lead to the hallway leading to the master bedroom and bathroom.
The bedroom has a view of the Cathedral of fraunkiche with red color
Accent wall with pattern and Bang & Olufsen TV;
The sound system at home is also Bang & Olufsen. A walk-
The wardrobe has spacious drawers designed by Eham.
The bathroom to the balcony features an aerial garden chandelier with shower head, bathtub and Flos.
There\'s a shortage at home-
Ground heating and regional heating, as well as systems for remote or automatic control of lighting, heating and other functions.
There are two parking spaces in the garage.
The land under the building is the right to lease and is paid in full before it expires on 2070.
At that time, Ms.
Ergül said, \"the owner of the apartment will be paid 100% of the value of the apartment by the building owner, Bavaria Leah, free of charge.
The apartment is only a few steps away from Marienplatz and Munich City Hall.
There is Viktualienmarkt nearby, a large food market;
The Bavarian national opera house;
There are also the shops and restaurants of Maximilianstrasse, one of the four Royal avenues in Munich.
Marienplatz has public transport and it takes about 30 minutes by train or car to get to the international airport, MSErgül said.
Constantin Graf von Preysing said that the market profile Munich is becoming more and more international, the living standard is very high, and it is also the city with the highest house prices in any big city in Germany, and the managing directors of Engel and frenks Minchen.
In the past decade
\"Prices have risen almost 80% to 100%,\" says Graf von Preysing.
\"In the past year alone, home prices have risen by 4 to 10% in most parts of Munich,\" said Daniel Ritt, chief executive of von pole real estate.
He said that communities that are most attractive to foreign buyers tend to be in or near the city center, such as bogenhousen, Lehr, hedhousen, Maxvorstadt or Schwabing
He added that despite strong growth, high-end housing market price growth, including independent, duplex and terrace homes, has slowed, \"We expect luxury apartments to increase further.
In the high-end field, Mr.
The price of the apartment is between 6,000 and 17,000 euros per square meter, and about 602 to 1,706 dollars per square foot, according to Ritt;
In good places, the price per square meter is between 4,500 and 13,000 euros, about $452 to $1,304 per square foot;
The average price is between 4,000 and 7,000 euros per square meter, about 401 to 702 dollars per square foot.
\"There will always be some unique luxury properties that exceed the top prices mentioned above,\" he added . \".
On average, the price of the loft apartment is between 11,000 and 17,000 euros per square meter, about 1,104 to 1,706 dollars per square foot. Ritter said.
However, the penthouse at Alter Hof is an exception: it costs about € 18,500 per square meter, or $1,856 per square foot.
Brokers say foreign buyers who buy in Munich usually come from the UK, France, Spain and Italy or Scandinavia.
But they also saw buyers from North America, South America and Russia, as well as Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Brokers say the number of buyers from China seems to be growing.
Foreign buyers are not subject to any restrictions in Germany.
All real estate transactions and transfers are handled by the notary;
The cost is usually around 1.
Tobias Just, a professor at the international real estate business school at the University of Regensburg, said that 75% of the price of house sales, including title search and VAT.
Michael Kabel, chief executive of Sotheby\'s International Real Estate in Munich, said buyers and sellers often separate the property board, which accounts for about 3% of Bavaria.
Dr. , the total transaction cost paid by the buyer in the sales transaction, including notary fees and commissions, between 10 and 12%Just said.
Many foreign buyers pay in cash;
This must be achieved through the account of a bank in Germany.
In principle, foreign buyers can get mortgages from German banks.
But usually the biggest financing available is 50% of the house purchase price, says Cabell.
The new regulations make it more difficult for buyers in countries that don\'t use the euro to get a mortgage
\"Now many German banks are out of the market.
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