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by:Merttace     2020-04-16
The first show this week is home to a classic R & B unit in Mount Hollywood.
Adding to mixing is the old disposable home-
An auction for television writers
The producers and several actors are moving.
Our home for the week is a Spanish colony.
Inspired ranch in San Jerez.
Don\'t let the atmosphere of the old world, red
The roof of the tile and the central courtyard fool you.
Nearly 13,500-square-
Built in 2007, the Foot building covers an area of 4,674 acres.
The asking price is $29. 75 million.
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Leitereg and Lauren had a great day on the Hollywood Hills, where there was a home owned by R & B singers --
For more than 20 years, Song author Bill Withers has been on sale for $3. 25 million. Yes, the three-
Mediterranean story
Style house has a studio.
Built in one of the five bedrooms in the home, the space is equipped with a control room and a sound booth.
Nearly 5,000-square-
Foot home has a fireplace in the living room and master suite, and a small bar and elevator in the family room.
The balcony offers great views from the city to the ocean.
In 1971, 80-year-old Withers released his first studio album, like me.
The album features the song \"Not Without Sunshine\", which won a Grammy Award in the second year.
His other two songs, \"rely on me\" and \"only the two of us\", also won the Grammy Award for Best R & B songs.
His 1977 hot \"Lovely Day\" contains one of the longest ongoing notes recorded at the time.
He will say cheers on TV writer veniceveter.
Producer Rob Long sold his Venetian home for more than 20 years for $3, and his work includes sitcom Cheers and Kevin Can Wait. 7 million.
Dated back to 1909, craftsmen of the transition period have extended their eaves, Wood
Windows with shells and a hipped roof with Crouching dormer.
Outside the covered front porch, fourbedroom, 3. 5-
Bathroom in white-
Walled living room with fireplace. Built-
In the library, the cherry wood bookshelf extends from the floor to the ceiling, and there is an antique chandelier at the top of the restaurant.
Long is both a writer and a colleague.
The executive producer of Cheers, who took part in 11 seasons, won six Golden Globes.
To sing a song?
Long Island house, formerly owned by cardigan-
Wearing Kona Perry Como, his family
Popular music for the masses attracted 1940, 50 and 60-year-olds to return to the market for $2. 9 million.
The site was launched in 2017 at $3.
$95 million and $3 last year. 45 million.
The solemn colony built in 1937 was built in No. 2.
5 acres wooded to reach by circular driveway. Behind the six-
The bedroom house is a swimming pool with a cabin.
This is a great room with beamed plus ceiling overlooking the pool.
On the wall of the dressing room, there is also a singer\'s cartoon and \"ladies, please keep a sitting position throughout the performance \".
The amiable Como, who died on 2001 at the age of 88, held a music variety show \"Perry Como\'s Kraft Hall\" every week, along with five Emmy holidays.
Among the popular songs of the man\'s voice, one is \"Catch a Falling Star\".
Harrison and his wife, actress Lauren Zeman, have spoken a bad word in the TV series ranch and astronaut wife Club and sold their Cape Cod
The inspiration house of Sherman Oaks is priced at $1. 775 million.
Enter by two
Story foyer, 3,565-square-
The Foot house contains an openplan living-family-
Dining room with fireplace, 5 bedrooms and 5. 5 bathrooms.
In addition to the classic East Coast atmosphere, there are wall panels and wide-
Hardwood floors.
Harrison, 36, is known for his role in \"taking root for life\", \"cycle\" and \"Reaper.
\"Selman\'s credit includes\" guilty wages \",\" undiscovered \"and\" Ashley Simpson Show \".
WeedsActor Alexander Gould, who grew up before the audience watched the weed series, bought a house in the Atwater Village area of Los Angeles for $1. 005 million.
If the price sounds a bit low by the actor\'s standards, let him take a break. He’s 25. The Spanish-
The stylish bungalow is a comfortable 900 square foot with two bedrooms and a bathroom.
This 1926-square-meter house with a sunny living room, updated kitchen and renovated bathroom looks like a perfect starter home.
Gould married actress Lee BA Hall Gould last year.
The garage has been remodeled and contains another bathroom with a clawfoot tub.
Gould expressed Nemo\'s voice in 2003 animated films and video games, Finding Nemo.
\"The creator of divorce has found a marchirish actress and writer Sharon Hogan, the latest buyer of the celebrity lineage of a house on Mount Hollywood.
The 1953 house she bought for $1.
0. 737 billion, once owned by Red Pepper guitarist John frucciante, was leased by actor Norman reduz and filmmaker Jonathan silver in the 1990 s. The one-
The story features the necessary glass walls and arched ceilings of medieval modern style.
The skylight and skylight illuminate 1,437-square-
Floor plan with open feet.
The living room has a stone fireplace, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
There is a pool, a fire pit and a tiled terrace in the backyard.
Hogan, 48, was the creator of HBO\'s divorce.
Her performances include the British sitcom disaster and the woman on the edge.
\"His favorite roommate, Douglas Tate, took advantage of the privacy of his 3,600 backyard --square-
The foot of his unconventional Animal Flow training is at the North Ridge home.
When he does not crawl on the ground wearing a monster mask, he can train on the trampoline or on the sports field.
While he was resting, he read the script in the yard.
From archivesTen a few years ago, Hot Property brought 911 of the \"411\" cast to readers.
\"You can call it the sale of shorts . \"
Tom Lennon\'s pantsaverse Lt.
Jim shakes on the \"Renault 911\" at the Comedy Center! ’ (2003-09)
His wife, Jenny Robertson, bought a Hancock Park.
The property was sold for $2,175,000.
The seller is \"actress\" Mora Tiney, who has 1913 artisans for nearly seven years.
She listed the house for $2,195,000.
Twenty years ago, actors Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith bought a 15,000square-
Walking villas at Hancock Park for $4. 2 million.
Title: \"Celebrity on landing Park Square.
\"What we are reading is the House of Frank Lloyd Wright Papas, in St.
According to wohaus, Louis. Set on 3.
36 acres, Mulberry-
The style house is made of concrete blocks, wood and glass.
Asking price of 2,310-square-foot gem is $1. 2 million.
ICYMI: \"Flip or fail\" star Christina Anstead, formerly known as Christina El Moussa, has a new home, a new show and a new husband.
The Los Angeles Times talked to her about \"Christine on the coast\" and the magazine was re-done on Mount Anaheim, Costa Mesa, fuller ton, Tustin and Huntington Beach
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