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Bernard Gladstone Zhan
1982 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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Broken by tenacity-
Resistant to plastic and rust-proof aluminum, moreTote is an all-purpose heavy-
On-duty personnel, gardeners or amateurs can easily carry tools or supplies inside and outside the house.
It consists of a large open tray (
About 10 by 13 by 3 1/4)
The top is equipped with a sturdy aluminum handle.
It has a slightly smaller waterproof drawer under the tray, perfect for smaller items that are easy to lose or need to be protected from the weather (
Molded to the drawer slide on the plastic runner at the bottom of the tray).
Sales via Home Center, hardware store and mail
Order houses, more
The handbag is about $20.
It is made in Canada and distributed in this country by Namaar annises, 2 Penn Square, 1500 Suites New York City, New York, NYY. 10001.
Portable fluorescent Westinghouse Electric has launched a compact plug
In the fluorescent lamp 24 inch long.
It uses only 18 watts of electricity, but provides as much lighting as incandescent lamps, which are twice and a half to three times the power of incandescent lamps.
Advertising called Luma
At the hardware store and the home center, the lamp can only be installed with two screws for less than $17.
It has its own building. in on-
Switch off with sixfoot-
Long wires and plugs.
Standard warmth
White fluorescent lamps can be replaced with special plant lights or blacklight lamp. Screw-
Provide energy in fluorescent advertising-
Save fluorescent lighting efficiency when using ordinary decorative desk lamps or floor lamps, GTE company, Stanford Forum 1, California.
06904, an improved fluorescent lamp is being marketed that can be screwed into the lamp holder instead of an ordinary incandescent lamp.
By eight-inch-
The diameter circular fluorescent lamp mounted on the arm attached to the center ballast is called the color Brite.
The special ballast at the center of the unit has a threaded plug at the bottom that can be inserted into the standard socket.
Better color for new lights
Rendering performance is higher than previous models with a rated power of only 22 watts, but it provides almost as much light as 75 watts
Watt incandescent lamps are at least 10 times longer than typical incandescent lamps.
The recommended price is $16. 95.
When the lamp is burnt out, it can be released from the arm where it is installed so that a new circular lamp can be installed.
The rooms near the ceiling are always warmer than the floor due to the heat rise, usually with temperatures up to 10 to 12 degrees.
This is especially true in old houses and apartments with ceilings above the usual 8 to 8 2 feet.
To solve the problem, Ross industries, 8010 Nimbus Drive, southwest of Beaverton, Oregon.
97005, compact fan for marketing-
Type units that can be hung from the ceiling with small hooks to reduce air layering (
Bring the warm air down)
Therefore, use the heat that was originally wasted in the room.
It is called the same-layer jet and is divided into two models.
The regular size is for rooms with a ceiling height from 12 to 20 feet and for rooms with a ceiling height of up to 10 feet, the smaller Mark II.
They cost $58 and $40 respectively.
Each consists of a small and quiet fan mounted inside a special housing that draws in heated air on both sides and then passes it down through the bottom at a low speed, so no one in the room felt the draft.
Advertising tests conducted by manufacturers show that, in many cases, 15 to 20% of the heat can be saved, because bringing warm air to where people are means that the temperature is more uniform, the thermostat can reduce the temperature without affecting the comfort.
The toilet valve is designed as a replacement unit that can accommodate most of the existing toilet tanks, including the new 3. 5-gallon water-
Protective mode, new Johnny manesfield\'s valve bath Interpace division, 150th Street, Perryville Ohio 44864, not only replaces the least efficient or worn out
The ball stopper unit (refill valves)
It also eliminates the need for floating arms and floats.
It costs about $5.
50 hardware stores and pipelines
Supply outlet, this valve assembly will refill the tank faster than the normal old valve
Style the ball cock and have a built-in
In the adjustable integral float, it can be set to the most effective level.
Johnny valve works equally well under high and low water pressure, almost entirely made of plastic and can be corroded --resistant.
It has a rubber.
The bottom sliding joint is attached to the inner liner seal so that the leak-proof connection can be made when the accessory is tightened with a wrench.
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