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Bernard Gladstone
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Reliable dimmer switch
National electronic devices that are quieter and more decorative than previous dimmers.
They also contain electronic filters that eliminate almost all radio and television interference (
Many problems with early dimmer control).
Modern dimmers are also more compact, so most dimmers will be installed in standard wall sockets instead of existing switches.
No need to rewire.
While most people seem to buy or Install dimmers to lower light levels while eating, socializing, or watching TV, they raise light levels again when they need to read, study, or work, there are two other reasons for installing dimmers at home.
One is to save energy and the other is to extend the life of the light bulb.
Reducing the light output using a dimmer reduces power consumption, thus helping to reduce electricity charges;
Burning bulbs under full strength means they will live longer --
In many cases, from 5 to 10 times.
Four different types of dimmer switches are usually used in the home: 1.
* Permanently installed switches are installed in wall boxes like any other light switch for control of ceiling fixtures, rail lights or wall fixtures. 2.
* Built-in dimmer socket-
In the rotary dimmer switch, not in-
Switch off or three-way switch.
They can be mounted on most desk lamps and floor lamps, rather than on the existing brass socket, and look almost the same. Advertisement3. *In-
Wire dimmer switch, connected to the wire like a normal plug-in lamp
Wire switch. 4. *Table-
The top dimmer attached to the wire plugged into the wall socket.
There is a socket on one side of the plug so that the light can be plugged in and then controlled by the dimmer placed on the desktop.
Advertising for wall installation-
Install the dimmer instead of the switch, first turn off the power supply of the circuit.
Remove the wall panel and remove the two screws that hold the switch in place.
Pull the old switch out of the box and disconnect the two wires leading to it, as shown above.
Straighten the end of the curved wire and then use two twists
As shown in the figure, on the solder-free wire connector, connect the wire lead from the dimmer switch with the bare end of the two wires extended from the box (
If there are other wires in the same box, please leave them alone).
Fold the wire back into the box and push the new dimmer to the position in front of the box.
Use the mounting screw to secure it to the top and bottom, and then connect the wall panel in the direction of the equipped dimmer.
Most incandescent dimmers are designed to control lighting that does not exceed 600 watts, but there are larger capacity units available (
Power up to 2,400 W for some manufacturers).
If the dimmer will control several fixtures, or a fixture with many bulbs, be sure to add the wattage of all bulbs to ensure that the capacity of the dimmer will not exceed.
In addition, do not use the dimmer switch to control the sockets that are often used by the appliance (
In some cases, reducing the power of the device can seriously damage the device).
Most popular wall style-
The mounted dimmer has a circular knob in the center.
These rotation types enable you to control the brightness of the light by rotating the knob.
Some ask you to turn the knob all the way, over one end, turn off the lights all the way, while others allow you to turn off the lights by pressing the knob.
Usually called push-
Pull the rotating dimmer, which enables you to turn the lights on and off without disturbing the brightness. Both the push-
Pull and rotate-
The Off type is also made with knobs that glow in the dark, which makes it easier for them to find in dark rooms.
Except rotating or knob-
The dimmer produced by General Electric uses traditional toggle control instead of rotating the knob.
This type also comes with a glow switch that glows in the dark.
One of the latest developments in advertising is touch
The sensitive dimmer switch recently launched by Leviton.
In these switch boards, there is a panel or board that you can turn on the lights by tapping them gently.
The longer your finger touches the plate, the darker the light is.
The light can be turned on or off by tapping the panel.
When you want to provide dimmer control for a desk lamp or floor lamp that is not controlled by a wall switch, as mentioned above, you can modify the lamp itself by replacing the existing brass socket with a special dimmer socket.
These look much like standard sockets and can be installed on most lights instead of existing onesand-switch unit.
The difference is that the switch on the dimmer socket has a knob that sticks out larger than the normal knob, which can not only flick the light, but also control its brightness when the knob rotates.
Lights can also be controlled by wiring
There is a dimmer switch on the wire of the lamp.
These compact switches are easy to install with scissors or sharp knives and screwdrivers, which have a sliding button or a rotating dial that enables you to control the brightness of the light.
The simpler way to control lights that do not involve wiring at all is to use tables-top dimmer.
These are portable plugs.
Unit designed for desk lamp or floor lamp.
They are similar to a small control box attached to a wire plugged into a wall socket.
Then insert the controlled light into the piglet.
The rear socket on the back of this plug so that the dial on the table can be turned
The top dimmer will then control the brightness of the light.
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