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by:Merttace     2020-05-04
That\'s great, can\'t miss it! ! !
That\'s great. He won\'t share it! ! !
Last night, April 8, CST 7: 30. m. and EST 8:30 p. m.
Emilie and I discussed this unique and rare place on Facebook
Floor opportunities for monat global hair care products.
As a market partner, we get commissions from customers who buy hair care products from MONAT, while getting commissions from the market partners we recruit.
Most of the market partners were originally VIP customers because VIP customers get discounts and free gifts on each shipment.
At first, people will think that VIP customers have to deal with automatic shipping, and the answer is No.
People do receive an email informing them that they are about to ship the next time, if they want to change what they ordered last time, or if they want to cancel and postpone the date.
Recently, my mom decided to change her shampoo to a different brand that MONAT sells.
MONAT has many different hair care products and it is easy to understand \"why\" they are number one and the only selling resistance
Hair aging products.
Nowadays, many customers have changed from VIP customers to market partners, because once they start using MONAT hair care products, they want to get a higher discount as a market partner.
In addition, they can charge a commission for each product sold to the customer.
Now, there\'s one great thing about MONAT besides having great products, which is that I don\'t have any sales pressure.
Personally, I can\'t take the pressure of the monthly quota.
Recently, I found that MONAT GLOBAL offers a unique opportunity for market partners to earn shares in the company;
Stocks that pay dividends on a quarterly basis.
But it is only good in a short time.
Obviously, I have to share this.
Breaking the chance, Emilie was also a market partner last night in my live video.
She has only been a marketing partner for 10 months and has received a free trip to Las Vegas (
All fees paid)! ! !
Both me and she really like MONAT hair care products because they work well!
I have had problems with my curls for years.
I can\'t do anything but put it in the pigtails.
Now I can design it and enjoy all my curls.
I mentioned before that my mother transferred from a VIP client to a marketing partner because she used the MONAT hair care product along with the MONAT supplement, which can have thin hair.
She\'s getting her hair back.
Older women are interested in what she has to say, so it is more convenient for mothers to become market partners and receive the training needed to help other older people.
It must have been scary last night.
The live video was frozen.
You can hear me, but that\'s all.
I had to walk around the house to find a better environment and thankfully I did!
The video lasts longer than expected.
Emilie was able to join in and give her feedback.
All in all, it\'s fun!
I hope to share more information about MONAT in the future.
But now, look at my video recording.
There was an explosion last night. . . .
At first the video froze and then my voice didn\'t match the vision. . . .
Finally succeeded. . .
If you miss the good news about MONAT. .
The video is here. . .
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